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    Watch: Nicki Minaj Calls Princess Diana Her “Dear Friend” During Performance In England, Gets Trolled

    Nicki Minaj has been under fire lately, especially after her arrest for drug possession in Amsterdam. While the pop sensation apologized to her UK fans for the postponement of her performance in the UK due to her arrest, they have seemingly found another reason to mock her.

    The singer is now the subject of some mixed reactions from fans after she paid a bizarre tribute to the late Princess Diana while performing in Birmingham, England, on Sunday. The star paused her show to pay homage to the late Princess of Wales, but it went South because of a phrase she used that has sent the internet into a frenzy. Here’s what she said.

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    Nicki Minaj Calls Princess Diana Her “Dear Friend” During A Tribute

    Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj was performing in Birmingham when she handed her pink microphone to an attendee who announced he was from Wales. Minaj linked his hometown to Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales, saying in a British accent, “Wales! It always reminds me of a dear friend of mine –– well, she’s not here anymore –– but the Princess of Wales.”

    The ‘Super Bass‘ rapper then called for a “moment of silence” for Diana, as she held the microphone to her chest and looked down while the audience stood quiet. After a few seconds, she resumed her performance, while continuing in the British accent as she listed other UK cities.

    A video of her act went viral on social media, sparking a flood of reactions. Some fans teased Minaj for her accent and for calling Princess Diana her “dear friend.” While some other appreciated the gesture.

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    Social Media Slams Nicki Minaj For Her Tribute To Princess Diana And An English Accent

    Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj

    Social media was soon flooded with comments that slammed Nicki Minaj for her historically incorrect comment as well as for her fake accent. “a dear friend of mine (she has) been dead since 1997,” a social media user wrote in the comments section of a tweet with the video.

    Since when is the princess of Wales a dear friend to her,” another fan commented, while many others noted that Minaj was only 14 when Diana died and that there’s no way they would have been “dear friends“.

    However, some fans appreciated Minaj’s tribute and her accent. “our queen literally paying respect to Diana,” a fan wrote in the comments section. “the moment of silence was so cute,” another one quipped. A third fan praised her accent, saying, “I love your fake British accent tho QUEEN.”

    Minaj has openly been an admirer of Princess Diana even in the past as she has also released a hit song titled ‘Princess Dianawith Ice Spice in April 2023. She also mentioned that her 2018 album ‘Queen‘ was inspired by Diana.

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