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    What Was Taylor Swift’s Swastika Scandal?

    Taylor Swift got herself tangled in a swastika scandal back in 2009. As many know, the swastika is a symbol of Nazi Germany and its glory. So how was the then 19-year-old singer associated with such a symbol? Let’s look at the details of this incident that lead to an uproar among the fandom.

    The ‘Lavender Haze‘ star managed to get out of the scandal pretty unscathed. The incident occurred right after Taylor and Kanye West’s MTV Video Music Awards controversy. Fans stood by Taylor and supported her after the Kanye incident.

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    How Did Taylor Swift Get Associated With The Nazi Swastika?

    Taylor Swift swastika scandal
    Taylor Swift got caught in a swastika scandal

    The incident took place at Katy Perry‘s 2009 birthday party. Perry celebrated her 24th birthday with a big birthday bash. The singer invited almost all of the entertainment industry to this bash. So Taylor Swift was also present. 

    The birthday party initially followed an all-white theme. But later on, the guests were involved in a big messy painting fest. Perry turned her birthday party into a ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’-themed party. Of course, Willy Wonka’s charm continues even today as Timothée Chalamet also played the character in ‘Wonka‘. But back in 2009, the party saw 15 paint-toting Oompa Loompas who helped the guests turn their white attires into colorful ones. 

    The next day, a photo surfaced where Taylor Swift was seen posing with a man with a huge red Nazi Swastika on his shirt. The internet went crazy and rumors started swirling.

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    What Was The Truth Behind The Incident?

    Taylor Swift at Katy Perry's party
    Taylor Swift at Katy Perry’s party

    After the photo went viral, people started to associate the ‘Love Story‘ singer with the swastika. Allegations were made that Taylor Swift supported the Nazis. However, the identification of the man remains unknown. 

    On Taylor’s white dress, there was painted JH. As allegations of Swift being associated with the Nazis started to swarm the internet, people also speculated that the JH stands for Jew Hater. But it really just stood for dancer Julianne Hough, who also had a TS on her dress for Taylor Swift. On the other hand, Kanye West has proclaimed his love for Hitler and his ideals on several occasions.

    However, to clean up the mess and cover up the scandal, Taylor Swift’s representative made a statement: “Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night … she doesn’t know who this guy is and she didn’t realize what was on his shirt.” This is likely the scenario since reportedly Katy Perry’s birthday bash became very crazy that night. Guests had a lot of fun painting and coloring and pretty much did not hold themselves back. Well, things with Taylor and Katy turned ugly in the following years with a nasty feud, but all is well again now and both women are making great music.

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