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    Why Did Adolf Hitler Hate Jews?

    Everyone on the planet is aware of Adolf Hitler and the horrors of the Holocaust. Hitler was the Fuhrer of Germany from 1933 to 1945. In 1933, he was appointed chancellor. He was to blame for the crimes that were committed against the Jewish, Black, Queer, and many other similar communities. He is regarded as the main catalyst for the start of World War II. Hitler was a pan-Germanist who also had anti-Semitic and anti-communist views. He was against the Jewish community and blamed them for the war right until his death.

    More than six million Jews and 19.3 million civilians and prisoners of war were killed by Hitler and his dictatorial Nazi regime. In addition, 28.7 million troops and civilians perished as a direct result of the conflict, making the number of civilian casualties the greatest of any war ever documented. He also wrote the book ‘Mein Kampf’ which translated into ‘My Struggle‘.

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    The Origin Of Hitler’s Hatred Towards Jews

    Propaganda material used against Jews
    Propaganda material used against Jews

    Hitler grew up in Vienna, Austria in a very anti-Semitic environment where Jews were considered to be greedy and hungry money launderers. This image of Jews was widely popular during the time and people also considered Jewish people as the reason for Germany’s loss in World War I. Hitler believed that Jews betrayed the Germans and that resulted in a loss for Germany. It was also said that Jews were the biggest supporters of communism which is also why Hitler hated them. It was very easy to blame the Jews.

    Hitler also considered ethnic groups like Jews, and Slavs to be impure and second-class citizens. In his eyes, only the Aryans were the purest clan of humankind. He only recognized the Aryans (with blond hair, pale complexion, blue eyes, and thin frame) to be worthy of being German citizens. He wanted Germany to be pure and ‘uncontaminated’ with ethnic groups like Jews.

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    Adolf Hitler Despised Jews For Multiple Reasons

    Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    Earlier in his life, Hitler wanted to become a painter. Thus, he applied to study at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. But the academy rejected him and Hitler believed that the Jewish domination in the academy was the reason behind his rejection. It was also rumored that a Jewish doctor had botched the treatment of Hitler’s mother. Hitler’s mother was supposedly suffering from breast cancer for which a Jewish doctor was treating her. But his mother Klara Polzl died in 1907 due to cancer during her treatment. Hitler’s hate towards Jews might also have stemmed from his mother’s experience.

    Another reason for Hitler’s Anti-Semitism was the conditions of Jews during the Great Depression after World War I. Because the Jewish people were involved in business and transport and were generally wealthy, the great depression in the 20s and 30s didn’t affect them. While the general public was struggling for food and money, the Jewish community was better off. This irked Hitler and he blamed the Jews for the inequality. All the reasons aside, Hitler was still a tyrant and his hatred of Jews resulted in a mass genocide of the Jews as well as other marginalized groups, which should never be forgotten.

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