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    “Where Is The Vibe?”: Low energy Crowd At Taylor Swift’s Melbourne Performance Divides Twitter On Her Singing Skills

    Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is usually a spectacle of energy and excitement but a recent viral video from her Melbourne show will have you wonder where it went. All those 3.5 hours of 4 days a week shows seem to have caught up to the pop princess. 

    Miss Swift is known for her work ethic, if Taylor promised you a night filled with eras then you will have a night filled with eras. Doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or even storming, the ‘Shake it off’ singer’s energy doesn’t die down easily. But looks like Australian fans aren’t as pumped with energy as Pop Queen.

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    Lackluster Crowd Of Melbourne Raises Eyebrows

    Taylor Swift during the Eras Tour (Credits: GETTY)
    Taylor Swift during the Eras Tour (Credits: GETTY)

    Swifties are accustomed to the electric atmosphere of a Taylor Swift concert. But the Aussie Swities might’ve taken Tay singing ‘You Need to Calm’ down a little too seriously.

    In a recent video circulating on X, the back section of Swift’s Melbourne crowd seemed weirdly low-energetic. This unexpected view prompted online fans to wonder if they missed the memo on bringing enthusiasm to a Taylor Swift show. 

    The contrast between the usual lively crowd and this seemingly lackluster section has become a hot topic online. Especially when the crowd in question is the ‘Lover’ singer’s biggest in history, with 96k people around, why this block is low on fun is the question of the day.

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    Twitterverse Questions Taylor Swift’s Vocals

    Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour (Image: Getty)

    While the energy—or lack thereof—of the crowd is one discussion, another conversation is catching fire on X. And it’s about that same old bitter thing that, “Taylor Swift can’t sing.” The critiques range from mild skepticism to outright disbelief, with some users wondering aloud why the singer is even famous. 


    Swift’s vocals have been a topic of controversy since the beginning of her career. The singer herself has admitted how these comments made her go into vigorous vocal training just to be called bad at singing still.

    In the end, she just shook it off and wrote a song about it which later on won a Grammy. As Swifties rally to support their icon and fight off the critics one thing is clear, Taylor Swift’s performances are, and will continue to be, a hot topic.

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