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    Who Is Britney Spears Dating Now?

    Following her high-profile divorce, it seems that Britney Spears is finally ready to move on and give love another chance. The 41-year-old pop princess just went through a messy divorce with Sam Asghari that seemed to carry claims of infidelity, abuse, and a lot of ugly stuff.

    After passing that phase, it seems that Spears is finally moving on and finding new love. Who is Spears’ new boyfriend and why are fans not supportive of her new romantic endeavour? Let’s find out.

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    Who Is Paul Richard Soliz, Britney Spears’ New Love Interest?

    Paul Richard Soliz

    Paul Richard Soliz, according to US Weekly, is a licenced contractor. Despite the public’s perception of him as “bad” due to various legal matters, Paul told the publication that he is not a bad guy and does contract work. “I’m not a bad dude. I understand that things have been said about me in the past, and I have a criminal record — I get it,” he said. “I’m a working man. I own my own business. I do licenced contractor technique tile.”

    Before this, he worked as Britney’s housekeeper and was hired without a background check. He recently appeared in court after allegedly breaking the terms of his probation. According to records obtained, he has a criminal past that includes charges for several misdemeanours, such as breaching the peace, endangering a child, and driving without a licence, as well as felonies for possessing a firearm and selling dangerous substances.

    He was taken into custody in December 2020 in connection with an ongoing investigation for illegally possessing ammunition and a firearm. Afterwards, he reportedly entered a no-contest plea and received a two-year probationary term after serving 90 days in jail. He is expected to be released in May 2023. Regarding his continuing criminal issue, Paul claimed he wasn’t “really worried” about it and believed it would be dismissed soon. Because of his criminal record, fans aren’t happy with Britney’s choice of her new man.

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    Is Britney Spears In A Relationship With Paul Richard?

    Britney Spears and her new boyfriend
    Britney Spears and her new boyfriend

    In the midst of her divorce from Sam Asghari, there have been rumours that Britney Spears is seeing her former housekeeper, Paul Richard.
    According to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail, Britney started seeing Paul Richard Soliz, 37, just after her breakup with Sam. The insider continued by saying that Paul and Britney were merely involved in a “short fling” and have since broken off contact. The two were spotted on several dates in August.

    Paul was hired to work for Britney around a year ago, according to a source who previously spoke with Page Six. He was allegedly employed without running a background check and was tasked with “cleaning toilets, mopping floors and picking up trash.”

    Fans are now unhappy about Britney’s choice of dating.

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