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    Why Did Emily Ratajkowski Quit Acting And Fire Her Team?

    Emily Ratajkowski has made a name for herself in different fields. She is an actress, author, podcaster, and popular model, headlining several high-profile fashion campaigns. Ratajkowski started acting as a child in a 2004 short film titled ‘Andrew’s Alteration’ and a feature named ‘A Year and a Day.’

    In a short span of time, Rajatkowski appeared in several successful films and shows in her adulthood. However, she did not like her time in Hollywood and decided to retire from acting, firing her team in the process. So let’s find out what exactly happened and the reason behind this decision.

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    Emily Ratajkowski Opens Up About Leaving Acting

    Emily Ratajkowski in the controversial Julien Macdonald dress
    Emily Ratajkowski

    A lot of people still recognize Emily Ratajkowski for her acting in ‘Gone Girl.’ But the 31-year-old did not pursue acting further in Hollywood. She has revealed the reason behind it in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

    I didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, I’m an artist performing and this is my outlet,’” she said. “I felt like a piece of meat who people were judging, saying, ‘Does she have anything else other than her [breasts]?’”

    After the success of the 2014 thriller film, Ratajkowski, and her team tried to find roles that would prove she is a “serious actress with longevity.” But, she only received offers for supporting roles.

    Despite the setbacks, she continued to audition for films including the Academy Award-nominated drama ‘Triangle of Sadness‘ for the role of Yaya. But it eventually went to the late Charlbi Dean.

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    Ratajkowski Fired Her Team

    Emily Ratajkowski
    Emily Ratajkowski

    After a point, Ratajkowski realized in order to survive, she’ll have to make herself “digestible to powerful men in Hollywood.” In 2020, she fired her manager, acting agent, and commercial representative.

    I didn’t trust them,” she explained. “I was like, ‘I can handle receiving phone calls. I’m gonna make these decisions. None of you have my best interest at heart. And you all hate women.’” The ‘My Body‘ author called Hollywood a “fucked up” place.

    After ‘Gone Girl‘, she went on to star in films like ‘We Are Your Friends‘ and ‘I Feel Pretty‘. Her last acting role was in the 2019 film ‘Lying and Stealing.’ Since then, she has started a successful podcast called High Low with EmRata.

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