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    Why Nicolas Cage Does Not Want To Join The ‘Star Wars’ Franchise?

    Nicolas Cage has been a part of the film industry for nearly five decades. A part of the Coppola family, Cage went on to have a successful career and won several accolades. However, he still doesn’t want to be a part of the popular ‘Star Wars‘ franchise.

    In an interview, the ‘Con Air‘ actor stated that he is more aligned with the ‘Star Trek‘ franchise than George Lucas’s space opera. So let us find out in detail what Cage said about the beloved science fiction franchise. Keep on reading to find more.

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    Nicolas Cage Won’t Join The ‘Star Wars’ Franchise

    Nicolas Cage
    Nicolas Cage

    Cage has been a part of several successful films, including franchises like ‘National Treasure‘ and ‘Into the Spider-Verse.’ However, there is one franchise that he doesn’t want to be a part of.

    In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the ‘Ghost Rider‘ actor said that he doesn’t want to be a part of ‘Star Wars‘ as he prefers ‘Star Trek.’ “Trekkie, man. I’m on the Star Trek Enterprise. That’s where I roll,” he said.

    Pedro Pascal, who stars in ‘The Mandalorian’, has said that he suggested bringing Cage into the franchise. But Cage responded by saying that he is “not really down.” The actor said that he grew up watching ‘Star Trek‘ and has kept up with the latest films starring Chris Pine.

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    Cage Has Been A ‘Star Trek’ Fan

    Star Trek
    Star Trek

    In the same interview, Cage expressed his love for the ‘Star Trek‘ franchise. “I’m not in the Star Wars family. I’m in the Star Trek family,” he said stating that he has grown up watching the television series.

    I grew up watching [William] Shatner,” he added. “I thought Pine was terrific in the movies. “I think the movies are outstanding“. The actor also said that he loved the film’s “political and the sociological” messages.

    Star Trek‘ franchise has 13 films and a television series. ‘Star Wars’ has 11 live-action films and several shows and spin-offs under its umbrella.

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