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    Why Will Shakira Stay Back In Spain Despite Her Break Up With Gerard Pique?

    The year 2022 has not been great for the Latin pop icon Shakira. The artist has had a great run in her career. From a niche Latin artist to a global star, she has come a long way. The football and music heads missed the singer during the FIFA 2022 due to a disastrous theme song. But, in 2022, a lot has been difficult for Shakira. First, she parted ways with her longtime beau Gerard Pique. Secondly, her father was rushed to the hospital due to his deteriorating health, and then she got embroiled in a tax fraud case in Spain.

    Shakira is accused of evading taxes between 2012 and 2014 which is $15 million. The prosecutors were looking to levy charges of $24 million along with eight years imprisonment. In June 2022, the singer’s father had a severe fall which affected his movement. However, William Mebarak got discharged a day later. But, again, in October 2022, he got hospitalized and the ‘Whenever Wherever’ singer asked for discretion and respect towards the family. Now, the singer had to fly back to Miami, but she has to stop back in the country due to her father’s ailments.

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    Shakira Cannot Take Her Father In An Aircraft Due To His Declining Health

    William Mebarak, the singer's father
    William Mebarak, the singer’s father

    Shakira may have to sit back in Spain for more four to five months due to her father’s health. The ‘Me Enamoré’ singer’s 91-year-old father is still not recovered from the injury due to the fall. El Periodico’s Laura Fa has updated about the singer’s cancellation of plans to fly back to Miami with her children. After Shakira and Gerard Pique separated, they were in an intense negotiation for children’s custody.

    The family was living in Spain, but the singer is planning to shift to Miami, Florida with her family. In November 2022, the two finally reached an agreement, and the children will be moving back to Miami with her. The children celebrated Christmas with their father and his new girlfriend Clara Chia. In a statement, the two said, “We wish to communicate that we have signed an agreement that guarantees the welfare of our children and that will be ratified in court as part of a mere formal procedure”.

    However, the Colombian singer has a slight change of plan and she has two dates—either in March or June. Laura said, “The state of health of her father is very complicated and he wouldn’t be able to cope with the flight unless it’s in a medicalised aircraft. For the time being she’s going to stay put in Barcelona”. Meanwhile, the songstress will continue to work in Spain on a video with her Puerto Rican choreographers, who flew in the city.

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    The Singer Deemed Spanish Authorities’ Role In The Tax Fraud Case ‘Unacceptable’


    Shakira is currently facing accusations of tax evasion and fraud in Spain during 2012 and 2014. It is said that she evaded $15 million tax. But, the ‘Waka Waka’ singer denies that she was living in the country at that time. In 2012, she bought a property in Barcelona. But, the prosecutors have decided to penalize her with a $24 million fine and eight years and two months imprisonment.

    She said, “It is unacceptable that, in its accusation, the tax authorities are not respecting the legal certainty that must be guaranteed to any taxpayer, not my fundamental rights. As well as that, they are trying to damage a reputation earned over many years. In my case, they have violated my right to privacy and the presumption of innocence, basic rights of any citizen”.

    The singer has decided to go ahead with a trial refusing to solve the matter with an out of court settlement. Shakira has claimed that they have imposed false accusations on her and said, “I’ve paid everything they claimed I owed, even before they filed a lawsuit. As of today, I owe zero to them. And finally, I was advised by one of the four biggest tax specialist firms in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers, so I was confident that I was doing things correctly and transparently from day one”.

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