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    “You Will Never Work Again”: Gina Gershon Reveals Her “Narrow Minded” Agents Warned Her Against Playing A Lesbian Role In ‘Bound’

    American actress and singer Gina Gershon is known for some of her incredible films and unique characters. Her role in 1996 film ‘Bound’ is especially remarkable, wherein she perfectly played a lesbian ex-con artist who falls in love with a Mafia boss’ wife. 

    However, Gershon revealed that she was warned not to take up the role by her agents. They allegedly asked her not to take up the role of a lesbian woman as it would tank her Hollywood career. Here’s what Gershon said as she opened up about it in a recent podcast interview. 

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    Gina Gershon Was Warned Not To Take Up Lesbian Role 

    Gina Gershon in 'Bound'
    Gina Gershon in ‘Bound’

    Although she went on to perform in many movies and series later on, Gina Gershon was warned that her Hollywood career would tank if she took up a particular role. The said role was of Corky in ‘Bound’

    Gershon opened up about it on the It Happened in Hollywood podcast. “It was a great script and I could tell they were incredible directors, but my agents were like, ‘We will not let you do this movie. You are ruining your career,’” Gershon said. “‘We will not be able to let you represent. You will never work again.’

    However, Gina Gershon did not let this discourage her. “I just said, ‘Oh, well, I guess if you can’t represent me, I’ll go somewhere else.’ You know? No hard feelings,” Gershon continued. She also added, “I said, first of all, it’s so shortsighted to say, ‘Oh, this is a lesbian movie.’ I mean, they happen to be lesbians. They happen to be into women, but it’s really a movie about trust.”

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    Gina Gershon Wanted To Play The Hero

    Still from 'Bound'
    Still from ‘Bound’

    It was seldom that a woman would be the lead in a movie back in the 90s. So when Gina Gershon got the chance to play the lead role, she could not say no. Her agents’ “small-minded and shortsighted” warnings did not deter her from accepting the role of Corky in ‘Bound’

    Plus, when does the girl get to play the hero, you know?” Gershon added about her love of the character. “I thought, well, I could cut off my hair, cut off my nails, have no makeup. I get the girl. I get the car. I screw over the mob. It’s a win-win all around.”

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