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    Reneé Rapp Sexuality: Did ‘Mean Girls’ Star Confirm She Is A Lesbian?

    Reneé Rapp has taken over the city by storm. She is the moment, and no one is to deny it. The actress who is starring as Regina George in the new ‘Mean Girls’ (musical) has more tea for us.

    Reneé has stated that she perceives Regina’s character as a lesbian, even though it is not officially confirmed. According to Reneé, Regina’s character serves as a queer awakening for an entire generation. Interestingly, it appears that the latest portrayal of Regina might make her sexuality canon within the character’s own perception and a bit more personal.

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    Reneé Rapps Recent Social Media Posts All Point The Gay Way

    Reneé Rapp
    One of Reneé Rapp’s Instagram stories

    Reneé has openly admitted herself as a queer for years now. However, it is only in her latest posts and stories has she started dropping hints that she might be a lesbian. In one of which she jokes (or is supposed to imply something more) how Cara Delevingne and she were lesbian bodyguards of Meghan Thee Stallion.

    In her latest appearance at the ‘SNL‘ she plays the lesbian intern, Reneé who is mandated by the court to do media training by participating in the celebrity lip reading bit. Bowen Yang and ‘Saltburn‘ actor Jacob Elordi participated in the skit alongside her. Is it a total coincidence that the ‘lesbian’ intern played by Reneé is named ‘Reneé’ or were the ‘SNL‘ writers just messing with us?

    Well, in a more concrete search for proof we ended up on her interview with Andy Cohen, the host of the SiriusXM radio show. In which explicitly admits she doesn’t like boys. Surprise, Surprise?

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    What Is Reneés Official Stance On The Matter

    Reneé Rapp
    Reneé Rapp

    Reneé Rapp has been in the news regarding her sexuality quite a few times. She played a lesbian character, Leighton in her previous series. But she claimed that’s just the case for the character she has played. She identified herself as Bisexual in her last official statement.

    She has mentioned she had to face hardships while coming to terms with her sexuality. She lost a few friends and had to face negative opinions but she feels best now when she is out and proud. Reneé Rapp hasn’t made an official statement confirming herself to be a lesbian as of yet and we can only pick up on clues she throws for us and conclude for now.

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