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    “It Was The Wildest Experience”: Jenna Fischer Recalls Filming ‘Mean Girls’ With A Broken Arm

    The Office‘ fame Jenna Fischer has revealed a rather surprising behind-the-scenes story while filming the new ‘Mean Girls’ adaptation. The actress revealed that she continued the filming with a broken shoulder after suffering a mishap during a ski trip.

    Speaking about the same during a recent interview with PEOPLE, the actress also opened up about how she faced several challenges while trying to conceal her injury on screen. “I shot for one day on Mean Girls, and then I didn’t have to shoot for a month,” the 50-year-old actress said. “And in that month, I went on a ski trip and I fell on a sidewalk and I broke my shoulder.”

    However, Fischer said she continued the filming as she played the character of Cady, Heron’s mom in the musical comedy. Hiding her newly injured shoulder from the cameras was a challenge, but the cast and crew members on the set were highly supportive.

    Despite the understanding approach of her colleagues towards her injury, Jenna Fischer could not move her arm. The creators tried their best to come up with a good cover-up for the discrepancy. But if one looks closer, it’s visible that her hand is non-operational.

    If you notice in the opening shot of the movie, I’m out in the middle of a field and Cady is singing, and I have a crossbody bag on. And I’m holding my crossbody bag,” she said. “The reason I’m doing that is because I had to take my sling off. That was serving as a sling for me.”

    So if you notice in the movie I am exclusively gesturing with my left arm. It was the wildest experience,” she said, adding that a big part of her role in ‘Mean Girls’ was pretending she didn’t have a broken shoulder.

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    Jenna Fischer Describe Filming ‘Mean Girls’ Reboot As An “Amazing Experience”

    Jenna Fischer
    Jenna Fischer

    Though hiding a severe injury was perhaps one of the toughest things Fischer had to do on the sets, Fischer said she is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the ‘Mean Girls’ project. Deeming it an “amazing experience“, Fischer commended the young cast of the film for their talent and kindness.

    I was so excited about the reaction to that movie because the people in that movie were so genuinely kind and wonderful and talented,” Fischer said. “That young cast was just outstanding, and it was one of those things where, when you finish shooting it, you think to yourself, ‘Gosh, I hope this movie does well because this is a good group,” she added.

    Fischer is currently under physical therapy as she recuperates from her shoulder injury. Meanwhile, fans of her character in the original ‘Mean Girls‘ as well as the iconic sitcom ‘The Office‘, fans can stream the reboot of the film on Paramount.

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