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    ‘You’re Selling Your Body To The Government’ – Mia Khalifa Says OnlyFans Is Better Than Joining Army

    Wait, OnlyFans is better than the army? Well, that’s what Mia Khalifa claimed in a recent interview. According to her, if one wants to use their body for a living, then sex work is much better than joining the army. This is the latest in a long list of controversial and bizarre statements made by the former pornstar.

    Right after Khalifa made the comment, there was a huge splash all over TikTok. What did people have to say? Here’s everything about it.

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    Mia Khalifa Says Army Is ‘Worse’ Than OnlyFans

    Mia Khalifa
    Mia Khalifa makes a very bizarre statement

    Recently, Mia Khalifa sat down for an interview with late-night host Ziwe Fumudoh. In the interview, Fumudoh asked her “So we have OnlyFans, and then we have the sex work industry, and then we have, like, actors. Is there a difference between these industries, or are we all fundamentally selling our bodies in some way?” Khalifa very boldly expressed her opinions on the topic.

    Honestly, I think that selling your body — if we’re going by that definition — being in the army is worse than being on OnlyFans,” Khalifa said. “You’re selling your body to the government.”

    Mia has an experience in the army. As a teenager, she attended the Massanutten Military Academy which influenced her comment. The video of the interview raked up more than 2 million views on TikTok and there were a lot of comments regarding it.


    i asked mia khalifa if there is a difference between the s3x w0rk industry and hollywood #fyp #miakhalifa #ziwe

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    TikTok Goes Wild Over Mia Khalifa’s Comment

    Mia Khalifa
    Fans react to the statement made by Mia Khalifa

    Fans reacted on TikTok to the bizarre statement made by Mia. “Mia single-handedly dismantling the concept of war,” wrote one person. Another one added, “I mean… where’s the lie”. Then another comment read, “SHE AIN’T WRONG”.

    Not everyone supported her though. One TikTok user wrote, “You’ve clearly never served or worked a blue-collar job if you think those people aren’t selling their bodies.” One person wrote, “Bro what is that logic”. Another commented, “She don’t have a point wat y’all talking abt”.

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