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    ‘The Flash’ Set To Become The Most Expensive Flop For Warner Brothers After Losing $200 Million At Box Office

    Alas, ‘The Flash’ starring Ezra Miller, is not the greatest superhero movie ever. Despite the word-of-mouth promotion and James Gunn’s unwavering faith, ‘The Flash’ is looking to be the biggest flop in the history of the studio. The marketing team has thrown its entire weight into talking the film up. But the audience has made their opinion known.

    The audience has rejected ‘The Flash’ due to its cheap CGI and problematic leading actor. With every week, the film is losing its audience. According to box office analysts, ‘The Flash’ will not make it far, presenting alarming numbers for the film. Besides, it is unlikely that the film will attract any audience with upcoming films like ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,’ ‘Oppenheimer,’ and ‘Barbie.’

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    ‘The Flash’ Looking To Loose More Than $200 Million

    ‘The Flash’ starring Ezra Miller has underperformed at the box office

    James Gunn’s time as the new DC Studios co-boss continues to be terrible. The fiasco of Ezra Miller-starrer ‘The Flash’ means DC Studios and Warner Brothers are looking at a massive financial loss. ‘The Flash’ has been in a world of trouble ever since the project was envisioned, finally finding its creative team in director Andy and Barbara Muschietti.

    As reported by The Direct, box office analyst Luiz Fernando, the film is on track to lose more than $200 million. He believes the film might be unable to recover its $150 million. Fernando believes the studio would have “lost less money releasing it on Max or not releasing it at all.” Things were already bad, as the film only opened at $55 million at the box office.

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    Reasons For The Failure Of ‘The Flash’

    Ezra Miller’s ‘The Flash’ has made many people upset

    There were always concerns about ‘The Flash’ from the beginning. However, no one could see it becoming such a disappointment. Despite Ezra Miller’s history of legal troubles, the studious decided to stand by him. Sickened by the charges against Ezra Miller, some fans boycotted the film.

    But the problems extend beyond the problematic lead actor. The film received tons of complaints about the level of CGI work. Instead of owning up to their mistakes, the director Andy Muschietti came out to defend the film’s special effects. The PR team of the film is also to blame for overhyping the film, flushing down the $150 million promotional budget that never paid off.

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