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    ‘The Flash’ End Credit Scene Leaked, Shows Jason Momoa’s Arthur With Barry Allen

    ‘The Flash’ is one of the most highly-anticipated projects of this year. The reason has been the mixed reception towards the DCEU since the last few projects and fans expect the movie to bring back the franchise to its old form.

    Leaking of certain sequences has not been new in Hollywood and it has already happened with the MCU and DCEU. The same thing has happened with ‘The Flash’ as the post-credits scene has been already leaked online.

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    ‘The Flash’ Post-Credits Scene Leaked Online

    The events of ‘The Flash’ will be affecting the events of ‘Aquaman’ sequel

    The post-credits scene of ‘The Flash’ has gone viral online. The scene was shared on Twitter by two accounts and it featured Aquaman sitting alongside Barry Allen. They would be reuniting in the franchise following the cameo inPeacemakerand they can be heard discussing Batman.

    Although the scene went viral from a Twitter page that can be trusted, it has been confirmed that the scene is true. It has also been confirmed that Aquaman will be a part of the DCEU for a long time and James Gunn’s joining as the co-CEO won’t affect his involvement in the franchise.

    ‘The Flash’ is helmed by Andy Muschietti and the lead role is portrayed by Ezra Miller. It also features Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdu, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Traue, and Michael Keaton in other important roles.

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    Will ‘The Flash’ Get A Sequel?

    A sequel to ‘The Flash’ has not been confirmed yet

    It must be noted that a script for ‘The Flash’ sequel was written by David Leslie Johnson McGoldrick in October 2022. However, Warner Bros. was not planning to keep Ezra Miller for future films considering his legal problems.

    But after James Gunn joined as the co-CEO of DC Studios, the executives were willing to keep Miller. Gunn and Peter Safran have also hinted towards the return of Miller as Barry Allen. Meanwhile, the events of ‘The Flash’ will be affecting everything that happens in the Aquaman sequel and the Superman reboot by Gunn.

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