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    ‘Batman: The Brave And The Bold’: ‘The Flash’ Director Andy Muschietti To Direct The Standalone Batman Movie

    ‘The Flash’ has only been out for a while, but James Gunn has invited director Andy Muschietti to his extended family. ‘The Flash’ filmmaker will helm a Batman movie focusing on Bruce Wayne’s son Damian, who’s made his name as one of the deadliest assassins. The project in discussion is ‘Batman: The Brave And The Bold.’

    Before ‘The Flash, Andy Muschietti was known for his work in the horror space. He debuted with the horror film ‘Mama’ starring Jessica Chastain, which earned $148.1 million worldwide. He directed ‘It,’ which generated $701.8 million, and the sequel, which made $473.1 million at the global box office. With the success of ‘The Flash,’ Mushchietti has proved himself to be a reliable box-office bet.

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    Andy Muschietti To Direct ‘Batman: The Bold And The Brave’

    Andy Muschietti to adapt 'Batman: The Bold And The Brave' for the screen
    Andy Muschietti to adapt ‘Batman: The Bold And The Brave’ for the screen

    Filmmaker Andy Muschietti is on his way to direct another DC story. ‘The Flash’ filmmaker has been signed to direct ‘Batman: The Brave And The Bold.’ The Argentinian filmmaker, along with his sister and producing partner Barbara Muschietti will oversee what’s being called a film that exists outside Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman.’ 

    James Gunn and Peter Safran talked to Variety about hiring Andy Muschietti, “We saw ‘The Flash’; even before taking the reins at DC Studios and knew we were in the hands of not only a visionary director but a massive DC fan,” Gunn and Safran told Variety of Muschietti. “It’s a magnificent film – funny, emotional, thrilling – and Andy’s affinity and passion for these characters and this world just resonates through every frame,”

    The co-studio heads added, “So, when it came time to find a director for ‘The Brave and the Bold,’ there was really only one choice. Luckily, Andy said yes. Barbara signed on to produce with us and we were on our way. They’re an extraordinary team, and we couldn’t have better or more inspiring partners as we embark on this thrilling new adventure in the DCU.”

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     ‘Batman: The Brave And The Bold’ Is A Part Of ‘Gods And Monsters’ DCU Slate

    James Gunn (left) is excited about Damian Wayne's character in 'Batman: The Brave And The Bold'
    James Gunn (left) is excited about Damian Wayne’s character in ‘Batman: The Brave And The Bold.’

    Andy Muschietti’s next DCU project is based on Grant Morrison‘s comic books series of the same name. Morrison’s ‘Batman: The Brave And The Bold’ explores not the lone warrior Batman but the family unit. It also looks into Bruce Wayne’s biological son Damian, who serves as Robin to his dad’s Batman. James Gunn has described Damian as a “real son of a b***h.”

    ‘Batman: The Brave And The Bold’ will be a standalone Batman movie. It’s part of the ‘Gods And Monsters‘ slate comprising the live-action Wonder Woman and Green Lantern series. The slate also has upcoming projects like Booster Gold and Swamp Thing. There are no casting announcements for ‘The Brave And The Bold’ yet. 

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