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    Top 10 Most Popular Batman Villain of All Time

    The Batman is set for the theatrical release with Robert Pattinson as Caped Crusader and Paul Dano as Batman Villain. However, the villain in the movie is not one but three including Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman for the time being. While it is difficult to find who is the top batman villain with 82 years of history of Batman, we have solved this for you. Here are the top 10 Batman Villain of all time.

    Batman Villain of All Time

    10. Court of Owls


    Court of Owls falls under the category of dominative and destructive villains manipulating Gotham. It’s one thing to fight one on one with a single identity than a group of individuals together. The organization consists of generational crime bosses with an army of vicious bodyguards known as Talons. Their main focus is to stop Batman from finding their true intentions as they turn the whole Gotham against him.

    9. Bane


    Bane broke the backbone of Batman. As simple as it sounds, it isn’t. This incident marks the turning point sending a shockwave to the readers. A toxic chemical turned Bane into a nearly indestructible Villain. Bane takes a part of who you are and turns it against you compelling you to face your fears and appearance at once. He forced Batman to overcome huge and dire odds.

    8. Penguin


    Penguin and Batman share a similar story, in some sense, but different approaches to it. While Batman takes a heroic stance, Penguin turns his feelings of insecurity and rejection into criminal consequences. His prim and proper society darling image perfectly hides his even more deadly criminal heart. Penguin became rich by selling illegal weapons in the black market of Gotham city. He is considered best in comics with no limit to his disgustingly violent deals.

    7. Harley Quinn


    Miss Quinn is unique as she has no appearance on the papers of DC comics. Her debut is directly in movies as Joker’s favor. To understand her own broken household, she studies Psychiatry and becomes a doctor. As her first job in Arkham Asylum, she was assigned to Joker. This is where her obsession as henchwoman for Joker originates from. Although after the separation, fans feel she has her own shine.

    6. Scarecrow


    As the name suggests, Scarecrow uses fear as a weapon to scare people to death. The psychological impact that he creates by using people’s fear as toxins and murders them conveniently. Scarecrow can go as far as using Batman’s parents to induce the cracked reflection with a twist to create fear in Bruce Wayne. He is capable of inducing fear in the minds of the whole Gotham city with psychological manipulation for extreme destruction.

    5. Riddler


    Riddler is the one to challenge the thought process of Batman. He loves to scheme Batman through his oblique and deadly riddles, revealing the true nature of his crimes. While the top villains use more physical power to trap Batman, Riddler pulls on his mental strings. His thinking capabilities threaten Gotham city in unusual ways.

    4. Two Face

    Batman Villain: Two Face
    Two Face

    The origin of Two Face erupts from a corrupt society that fails to protect the citizens of Gotham. The former Gotham district Attorney and once close friend of Bruce Wayne, Harvey dent suffered from an acid attack. His half-frame is burnt in Acid by a gangster he once tried to convict. This results in mad obsession over life having no fate strings and everything is in his control. It surprises how old friends turned against each other over an accident.

    3. Catwoman

    Batman Villain: Catwoman

    Despite being in the category of Villain, Catwoman is a true heartthrob. Her image is more of an ally to batman than someone against him. However, she was Gotham’s greatest femme fatale and a well-known member of Rogues. For a long time, Batman and Bruce Wayne alike pushed Catwoman Selina Kyle to use her skills as a hero rather than a villain. Although he still tries, Catwoman eventually falls into criminality to search for the greater good. Catwoman still is one of the most important people in Batman’s life. Her comic appearance or in movies are always loved no matter what.

    2. Ra’s Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul
    Ra’s Al Ghul

    Ra’s al Ghul is a nemesis with Batman, as the League of Assassins is obsessed with disrupting the morality of global society and the Earth’s environment in Gotham City. Owing to the magic of the life-restoring Lazarus Pit which can raise the dead, grants him a lifespan of centuries. Ra’s al Ghul is a mastermind who has world-spanning schemes to violently restore what he believes is the natural equilibrium of humanity. He even used his blood, daughter, to tie batman into a family situation to make him join his league. However, Batman never fears him even if it costs him dearly at times.

    1. Joker


    Joker comes out as the ultimate Batman Villain of all time. The legendary Foe of Batman appears exactly opposite to his appearance. While Batman wears all black with pure heart, he is all colorful with mind dark and evil like no one. The most frightening thing about him is the fact that he has no end endgame. This, he has become a leading man himself in comics and movies as well.
    When it comes to killing, he couldn’t care less about fame or wealth. He is too intelligent to remain behind bars and ferocious enough that the only way to stop him is to kill him. It thrills him to kill people. However, Batman is no less than Joker in terms of power and mind.

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