Top 10 Magical Creatures In Harry Potter Movies


There is no one in this world, who doesn’t know about ‘Harry Potter’. It’s the only escape for muggles like us from this not-so-magical-world. In the wizarding world there are numerous magical creatures with unique and powerful magical abilities. The wizarding world is actually home to all kinds of magical creatures.


Some of the creatures are quite similar to what we see in our normal world yet they differ a lot from the normal creatures. They differ drastically from our world because these creatures have immense magical power and are visibly different in sizes. If you are curious to know some of the best magical creatures in ‘Harry Potter’, read on.

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Top 10 Magical Creatures In Harry Potter

1) Dragons


Should I even begin to say, how powerful they are? Dragons come in different shapes and sizes in the wizarding world of ‘Harry Potter’. There are numerous dragons from Norbert the baby Norwegian Ridgeback to the ferocious Hungarian Horntail and the imprisoned Ukrainian Ironbelly that Harry and friends escaped from Gringotts with in ‘The Deathly Hallows Part 2‘. Every dragon has a different strength, however, almost all of the dragons are feared for their fire power and fast flying.


2) Basilisk


This ginormous snake, Basilisk is in a whole different league with the ability to kill someone simply by locking eyes with them. Its size and sheer power, and it’s sharp fangs, make its eyes nearly redundant. Even while blinded, the basilisk still posed a threat to Harry in the ‘Chamber of Secrets‘. It thus established itself as a grave threat and one of the most powerful magical creatures in the ‘Harry Potter‘ movie franchise.

3) Dementors


Just by hearing the name, it sends shivers down my spine. From the dark, cloaked figure and its floating movements, to its terrifying ability to suck the soul out of their victims, dementors are the embodiment of death. The ability to leave a human alive but a shell of their former self with no feelings, memories, or a general sense of being is a terrifying prospect. That is why it is used as a deterrent punishment for criminals in the wizarding world.

4) The Phoenix


Anytime a Phoenix appears in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, the mystical bird has a powerful and majestic aura about it. It aided Dumbledore in a daring escape from the Ministry and also helped Harry against the basilisk. Even with only a short amount of screen time, this magical creature has earned quite a number of fans who wanted to see the powerful entity more. The fact that powerful wands are often constructed using phoenix feathers should suggest how powerful the creatures are.


5) House-Elves


House-Elves are no shorter in power to witches and wizards. They can utilize magic the same way that their masters can. In the franchise, Dobby, the elf, showcases his own talents on several occasions. He caused several problems for multiple wizards with his quick thinking and magical prowess, ultimately giving his life for his human friends.

6) Unicorns


Unicorns are one of the most powerful magical creatures in the entire wizarding world. They are some of the cleverer magical beasts in the ‘Harry Potter’ universe. Their survival instincts are on point and are difficult to catch despite the pursuer’s immense magical power.

7) Centaurs


Centaurs of the wizarding world seem to be much closer to man than to beast, especially when it comes to their intelligence. However, they prefer to stay out of the wizarding world, since the former has mistreated them enough. They also have a complex culture, societal hierarchy, and relationships which is pretty much equal to a human’s.


8) Thestral


Thestral first appeared in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’. As Luna Lovegood explains to Harry, thestrals are a unique breed of winged horse-like creatures with reptilian features and can only be seen by those who have witnessed a human’s death. While they are normally gentle, one would not wish on others that they should get in their way. Not only are they sizable, capable of comfortably seating two adults, but they can also fly. If you haven’t witnessed anyone die, you wouldn’t even be able to see one hunting you.

9) Acromantula


Like Ron Weasley, many real-life people suffer from arachnophobia, the fear of spider. Imagine their horror if they ever encountered an eighteen-foot monstrosity like an Acromantula. These giant spiders grow to massive lengths and are intelligent, even capable of communicating with humans. They’re also willing to cooperate; if you thought facing one was bad enough, consider confronting an entire swarm.

10) Thunderbird


A close relative of the phoenix, Thunderbirds are larger avian who can create storms when they fly. In addition to their thunderous abilities, they have an innate danger sense, giving them foreknowledge about impending threats. This trait even transfers to wands built with Thunderbird cores, which are difficult to master but skilled at Transfiguration and capable of casting curses automatically when sensing danger.


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