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Who Are Warner Brothers? Their History And Role In Hollywood Film Industry?

Everyone is familiar with the name Warner Bros. But very few of us really know who they are and how they started this company. We have had this WB logo for so many generations. But today, we will have a deep insight. Today, we will discuss who were the Warner Brothers? What role they have played in the Hollywood film industry. And also, about their history.

History Of Warner Brothers

Warner Bros Production

As we can see from the name, it reflects a company made by brothers. To be precise, four brothers started this company, Albert, Jack, Sam, and Harry. The start of this company dates back to 1918 when these brothers started Warner Brothers Studio. But officially, it started from the year 1923, when they set up Warner Bros. Pictures, Incorporated. In their starting decades, they came up with so many great and historic movies that their name and fame were all rising continuously.

The Jazz Singer, Lights of New York (1928), and On with the Show (1929) were the starting movies that made this studio so financially strong, and famous. After these, they were not just a normal production studio, they were producing, at that time almost 100 movies annually. And not only this, they were in control of more than 300 theaters alone in the US.

Warner Bros New Logo
Current Logo Of Warner Bros

From there, there was no going back for this studio. It was acquired in the year 1967 and named Warner Bros.-Seven Arts. And then it was sold again to Kinney Corporation. Kinney Corporation had a completely different future for this company. They started Warner Communications and Warner Bros., Inc. from this single studio.

And then it was no longer just a producing studio it started coming up with various comics, music, video games, etc. Later on, it became the biggest media and entertainment corporation worldwide. It happened when the merger between Time Inc. and Warner Communications took place. Now, Warner Brothers is a division of this entity.

Role In The Hollywood

Roles By Warner Bros
Roles In the Hollywood By Warner Bros

They have given us so many historic movies, and TV series, that we can’t even count. From their start, they have come up with such unique movies like The Jazz Singer, and till now they are making such amazing movies. Some of them are:

  1. The Jazz Singer
  2. Lights of New York
  3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  4. The Exorcist
  5. Blazing Saddles
  6. Blade Runner
  7. Superman
  8. The Waltons
  9. Eight Is Enough
  10. Harry Potter
  11. Inception
  12. Wonder Woman
  13. The Big Bang Theory
  14. The Matrix

These are just some of the famous names. Now, all is just left to see the future of this amazing company. What and where it will go? Which movies will come up in the future? What is the future of the WB? The pleasure we all have had to see the movies and shows made by this company can’t be described in words. It has fully transformed the Hollywood film industry. Now, the coming generations will get to see more of it. And it is well worth the wait for us too.

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