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    “I Wanted It To Be Traditionally Latin, But Also…”: Jennifer Lopez Spills Wedding Dress Secrets From Her Second Ceremony With Ben Affleck In Georgia 

    Jennifer Lopez, the queen of iconic looks, dishes on the inspiration behind her Ralph Lauren wedding dresses worn during her Georgia nuptials with Ben Affleck. The power couple of 2000s who finally tied the knot in 2022, tied it twice for that extra protection

    When it comes to fashion and fashion icons, what is a wedding but not another occasion to revel in the beauty of fashion? One thing about JLo is that she’s never failed to make a statement with her looks. Whether it’s on the red carpet or in the spur-of-the-moment wedding ceremony, the pop queen can also switch crowns with the fashion queen.

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    JLo On The Dress She Wore During Her Ceremony In Georgia 

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Image:  John Russo)
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Image: John Russo)

    The ‘This is me… Now’ star sat down with Vogue to break down 17 of her most iconic looks of all time. Now when talking about JLo’s iconic looks 17 is a small number yet it manages to enlist the popstar’s iconic wedding dress. Lopez recalled the surreal moment of her life while looking at the picture and said, “I wanted it to be traditionally Latin, but also be kind of Southern Belle-ish at times. There’s a mix of that, they certainly accomplished that with this dress. It had a long train that was so hard to walk in.

    The Ralph Lauren dress featured cap sleeves, an open-back cutout, and a cascading train with over 500 meters of fabric, creating a stunning bridal moment. The classic and beautiful design reflected her vision, showcasing a blend of elegance and cultural flair.

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    Mystery Of The Wedding Dress In Las Vegas

    Jennifer Lopez (Image: Vogue)
    Jennifer Lopez (Image: Vogue)

    Contrary to previous speculation, Lopez clarified the origin of the dress she wore during the first wedding. Rumor mill spread the word that the dress Jennifer wore in Las Vegas was from one of the movie sets. But the bride set the record straight soon after. “No, that’s not true,” she said while having a chat with Variety. The ‘Jenny from the Block’ singer said, “I wish it was. I wish I did have that dress. I don’t have that dress.”

    The pop sensation dived into the details of her exciting Vegas wedding choices. She started, “I was doing so much press for Marry Me or Shotgun Wedding or one of those. And so, I had all these wedding dresses in my house.” She continued, “When we, at the spur of the moment decided to get married, that day, I just had a dress. It’s not from a movie. Yeah, I never wore it in a movie. It was just, I had it because I was doing photo shoots and performances of Marry Me everywhere at that time.”

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