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    Why Did Jennifer Lopez Go To Jail With Her Ex-Boyfriend Diddy?

    Jennifer Lopez and American rapper Sean Combs, better known as Puff Daddy and also as Diddy, were lovers and dated for a good three years. The Latino star has made to the Hollywood tabloids for her dramatic relationships over the years. Her rekindled romance with Ben Affleck is a prime example, with whom she has had the rockiest, on-and-off relationship ever. She and Marc Anthony had a 10-year-long relationship and share twins, Emme Maribel Muniz, and Maximilian David Muniz.

    What made Lopez’s relationship with Diddy appear on all tabloids was when they ended up behind the bars, handcuffed. Yes, the two lovers were put in jail. Here’s everything that went down.

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    The Fatal NYC Club Night Where Diddy Caused Bloodshed

    Jennifer Lopez was arrested because of her ex-boyfriend Diddy
    Jennifer Lopez with ex-boyfriend Diddy

    In the late 90s, Jennifer Lopez and Diddy were the bona fide stylish couple who were both at the peak of their careers. They met on a music video set in 1999. Diddy, who was going out with model Kim Porter at that time, said that it was love at first sight when he laid his eyes on Jennifer. Soon after, on red carpets, and at interviews, the two couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. The way they talked about each other and the common PDA were the proofs that their relationship was going great until, of course, that one unfortunate night.

    According to the New York Daily News, Jennifer and Diddy had apparently planned to attend a party at a New York City club. The two arrived separately, and while entering, the security didn’t search them. Both the stars spent their time in the VIP section, away from 600 partygoers. The next thing, Diddy is being spotted arguing with a bar patron. The argument was loud since Diddy could be heard yelling. It was later reported that the rapper was being mocked for his wealth and started throwing around his cash. The security tried to pull the two apart and break the argument, but then immediately fires were shot. Three people were injured. One woman received the bullet in her face, while two received it in their shoulders. An eyewitness says that Diddy, and a member of his crew, fired the shots.

    When J-Lo and Diddy Get Arrested

    Why was American rapper Diddy put behind the bars?
    Diddy was jailed for a few days

    Diddy fled from the crime scene in mere seconds, but he didn’t leave alone. He caught Jennifer by her hands and left the club. The Mercedes in which Diddy ran was soon busted by the police and a 9-mm handgun was located, hidden in the car seat, near Jennifer’s feet. They were immediately arrested for the possession of illegal weapons.

    J-lo spent 14 hours handcuffed to a bench in the police station. According to a police officer present there, “She was crying all over the place … She was just upset about the whole thing.” Lopez was given a clean chit and let go because of the lack of evidence. However, it was later reported that she was given bail in exchange for sharing testimony regarding what she witnessed. Diddy, on the other hand, had to fight a case. He remained in jail for several days and in 2001, was finally cleared of all criminal charges. He also paid $1.8 million to the injured victims. J-lo and Diddy ended their relationship in 2001.

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