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    Katy Perry’s AI-Generated Met Gala Images Go Viral On Social Media And Fans Think It’s The Only Way She Won’t Be On Worst-Dressed List

    This year’s Met Gala was a rather sullen affair. To spice things up, fans started generating artificial intelligence-made photos of stars on the red carpet, and Katy Perry‘s AI-generated pictures from fashion’s biggest night went viral.

    Though the singer didn’t actually attend the event, falsely made pictures of her stunning at the gala were shared by thousands of people on social media. Here are the best fan reactions.

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    AI Imagines Katy Perry At The Met Gala Leaving Fans Utterly Confused

    Katy Perry's on-theme Met Gala outfit by AI
    Katy Perry’s on-theme Met Gala outfit by AI

    AI is truly getting out of hand as it fooled thousands of people into believing that Katy Perry donning a ravishing green dress, with a steely corset and a skirt made of leaves and flowers was actually her attending the Met Gala. As fans freaked out about the outfit, many rightfully pointed out that it was, in fact, generated by AI.

    Another photo of the singer shows her in a gorgeous floor-length elaborate gown, with a bushy trail and flowers all over the garment, perfectly capturing the theme of the year, ‘Garden of Time’. Fans were heartbroken to see that it was AI, as many pointed it to be one of the best looks of the night.

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    Why Katy Perry Did Not Attend The Met Gala

    Katy Perry
    Katy Perry

    Despite not attending the Met, the singer posted several pictures on her social media, wearing a black gown and posing for the camera. Apart from that, fans were also convinced that Perry’s absence had to do with her setting up her next album, as fans grew excited.

    Posting a picture of herself in the studio, Katy wrote, “Couldn’t make it to the MET. Had to work”. Many assumed this to be a sign that a new album was coming. On any day, we would take it over a Met Gala appearance.

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