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“I’m Vengeance”- Behind All That Chaos, Batman And Riddler Are Two Different Side Of The Same Coin

The Batman movie has been creating a lot of noise for quite some time and for all the good reasons. Batman as a character always attracts people, fans, and non-fans alike. The major reason behind that is his portrayal as a Grey character who’s neither really good nor bad.

In the upcoming movie, Batman will face Riddler as his main foe. Although their rivalry as masked vigilantes is new in the movie, they also share a history that goes all the way back to their childhood. So, what is it? Let’s find out.

Origin Of Their Individual Vengeance

Riddler and Batman
Riddler and Batman

It is evident from the movie trailer that both Batman and Ridller are driven by vengeance. As we all know that Bruce lost his parents as a kid. That incident left a scar on bruce’s conscience. After coming of age bruce started to fight as a masked vigilante so that he doesn’t feel helpless as he felt the day he lost his mother and father. And now he is the vengeance of the weak and helpless against the cruel system.

Riddler’s thing is that he is trying to expose all the most corrupt and powerful people in Gotham city. He thinks he is bringing all these wrongdoers to justice by exposing them to his uncanny methods full of violence. Although, this is just Riddlers’ way to experience vengeance in the guise of justice.

Relationship Of Batman And Riddler

Paul Dano as Riddler and Robert Pattinson as Batman
Paul Dano as Riddler and Robert Pattinson as Batman

To the people who do not know just like Bruce Wayne Riddler also lost his parents in childhood. After being an orphan Riddler was admitted to the Gotham city orphanage. Guess who was there at the same time, yes, you guessed right, Bruce Wayne. They both spent some time in their childhood together. At some point, they knew each other as normal individuals. This is why it was easy for the Riddler to figure out Bruce is Batman.

What Is The Endgame?

The Batman Poster
The Batman Poster

As of now, we can only guess. But these are not far-fetched fantasy stories as we have some facts on the table. Matt Reeves director of the film has revealed that Riddler in the movie is inspired by a real-life Zodiac killer. Zodiac Killer was never caught in the real world, so maybe it is a hint that riddler will somehow escape the claws of vengeance in this film.

As for other possibilities, Warner Bros. recently revealed that film took inspiration from not one but three comics. One of those comics was Batman Year One: Chapter Two. In this story, Bruce was addicted to being Batman. So maybe this Riddler chapter through its violence and chaos will somehow help Bruce evolve as an individual and become a better Batman.

Whatever it is, fans will not have to wait much. You will soon find out the real story as the movie is coming to cinemas on 4th March 2022.

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