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    Who Was Jack The Ripper? How Many People Did He Kill?

    No one is alien to the name Jack The Ripper. The name has been stamped in history for the gruesome murders he committed in a span of months. Investigations are still being conducted in order to understand who this unidentified serial killer is. This criminal maintained a similar pattern but his appearance was never similar – different witnesses different descriptions.

    Jack The Ripper carried out his murders in a way that was calculated, precise and systematic. No wonder, that still the murderer is in the shadows. Studies and researches continue to be conducted in order to identify this manipulative criminal. From royals to surgeons, there are still many names going around about Jack The Ripper.

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    Unidentified Serial Killer: Jack The Ripper

    Jack The Ripper

    Jack The Ripper is responsible for murders that happened in the Whitechapel area of East London in 1888. The serial killer was first given names like Whitechapel Murderer and Leather apron until a letter from the writer who claimed to be the killer reached the police station. This note was signed by Jack The Ripper.

    Some of the commonly cited suspects who are thought to be Jack the Ripper include a barrister and teacher who was interested in surgery, Montague Druitt, a criminal, and physician Michael Ostrog and another prominent name Aaron Kosminski, a Polish immigrant who lived in Whitechapel. This serial killer has inspired novels, movies, and documentaries. The name Jack the Ripper still stays foremost among the notorious serial killers in the world.

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    Murders Committed By The Serial Killer

    Murders by Jack The Ripper

    The killings done by Jack had a similar pattern. The women were all prostitutes, that had their throats slashed, and their bodies mutilated and at least three of them had their organs removed. Five murders have been suspected to be the doing of Jack the Ripper, all in the Whitechapel area. Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly- the five victims came to be known as the “Canonical Five”. And they were killed between August and November 1888.

    There are various arguments about the killings that were done by the Ripper. Many states that all the women were not prostitutes and it was just the misogyny and class prejudices of the Victorian era appropriating them. However, it is commonly believed that the Ripper had a common pattern and the killings were all as he had prostitutes as common enemies.

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