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15 Moments From Friends That Will Make You Cry

‘Friends’ is one of the best comedy sitcoms ever. But on the other hand, it has numerous scenes where a person will cry after seeing those scenes. Those moments will make you cry in happiness as well as in sadness. And discussing them all is an endless discussion. So, today, we bring to you fifteen moments from Friends that will make you cry.


Emotional Moments From Friends:

Chandler And Monica Can Not Have Baby

One of the most emotional moments was when Chandler and Monica were trying again and again to have a child. But in the end, Chandler came forward and told Monica that having a child was not a possibility for them. 

When Chandler talks and begs Erica to make them the parents for her child is also very heart-touching. In this scene, he explains how he and Monica wants a child. And that will make anyone cry. 

Rachel Pregnancy

When Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel were confused that who was pregnant. And it finally shows that Rachel was the one who was pregnant. It brings tears to the eyes of the three girls, as well as in the eyes of the audience.


Chandler Agrees To His Love For Monica

Chandler and Monica were trying their best to keep their relationship private. But when Chandler finally agreed that he loves Monica, this scene was very heart-warming. All the characters in the sitcom were also adoring them.

Phoebe’s Smelly Cat

When everyone found out the origin of Smelly Cat, it made the song even better. The tune or melody of the song was of a poem that Phoebe‘s father used to sing to her. 

Mike Admits Love For Phoebe

The episode where Mike finally admits that he loves Phoebe brings tears into the eyes of Phoebe. And this scene was much adorable as Phoebe finally got her love of life. 


Chandler Proposes to Monica

We all can see how Chandler was not ready for marriage. And all the fans were waiting for him to propose. And when he finally does, it brings goosebumps as well as tears in the eyes of the audience. 

Joey And Phoebe As Idol Friend

Joey always used comfort to everyone. But the best was the one when he comforted Phoebe by kissing her and fulfilling her wish for a perfect kiss.

On the other hand, Phoebe also came forward when Joey needed someone most. She acted like Joey’s agent Estelle and stopped many things that could have hurt him more. 


Phoebe Got Pregnant

Phoebe was the mother of three children. But she knew she couldn’t keep them. But when she gave birth and wished to keep one of them. It was heartbreaking and made a lot of people cry after seeing that scene. 

Chandler and Monica Got Twins

Finally, in the last episode of the whole sitcom, Monica and Chandler find out about their twins. This was one of the most emotional scenes as each one of us who has watched Friends knew how badly they wanted a child. 

Rachel Comes Back

The first much-awaited kiss between Ross and Rachel was extremely emotional. All the fans were waiting for that scene.


After getting on and off, at the end, when Rachel finally leaves the plane and comes back to Ross, it was also a heart-touching moment.

Last Episode 

The last scene of the whole sitcom, where they all left the apartment, can bring tears to anyone’s eyes. 

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