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    What Is CRPS, Most Painful Condition Known To Mankind?

    An Australia-based girl named Bella Macey has contracted a rare disease called CRPS which has led to a lot of pain in her right leg. The girl is 10 years old and the pain begins if she moves or someone touches the leg.

    The condition was revealed during a vacation in Fiji where Bella was enjoying with her family. The problem was later revealed to be CRPS, also known as complex regional pain syndrome and it has been termed as the most painful condition known to man.

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    CRPS: Causes, Symptoms, And More Explained

    Bella Macey revealed that she is having a lot of problems because of CRPS

    According to Mayo Clinic, CRPS is a kind of chronic pain that happens in the arm or leg and it happens usually after a stroke, heart attack, and surgery. The cause remains unknown as the problem is very rare.

    There can be various symptoms of the disease. This includes pain in the arm, leg, hand, and foot, sensitivity to touch or cold, swelling in the painful area, and changes in skin temperature, color, texture, and hair and nail growth. The symptoms could differ from person to person.

    CRPS can be prevented if individuals take a high dose of vitamin C. It can also be prevented by those suffering a stroke if they take a walk after getting out of bed.

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    A GoFundMe Page Has Been Launched For Bella Macey

    A GoFundMe page has been launched for Bella Macey

    Ever since Bella Macey was diagnosed with CRPS, a GoFundMe page was launched for her. The description said that she was suffering from a lot of pain which affected her daily activities.

    It further stated, “Bella’s pain has meant she has lost mobility in her right foot and leg, right up to her groin. She is now bedridden or in a wheelchair if she needs to get around.”

    Bella spoke to the New York Post, saying that she is having problems inside the shower as she cannot have a bath and cannot put anything on herself.

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