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    5 Hard To Believe Instances Where Spider-Man Villain Kingpin Went Toe-To-Toe With Insanely Powerful Characters

    Among the names like Green Goblin, Rhino, and Doctor Octopus, this particular Spider-Man villain often goes unnoticed. Ironically Kingpin serves as the founder of Insidious Six and many supervillains work for him. Kingpin, initially known as Wilson Fisk was the antagonist of the 1994 animated superhero TV series ‘Spider-Man: The Animated Series’. And now, ‘Hawkeye‘ has introduced the Kingpin to the Marvel universe, treating fans to one of the most awaited character returns since Netflix canceled its ‘Daredevil‘ series. 

    Kingpin is a powerful and wealthy crime lord of New York City and also one of  Spider-Man’s archenemies. He is the prime example of how intelligence wins wars or makes the heroes scratch their heads. Here are the five instances where Kingpin fought hard with insanely powerful characters.

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    5. Captain America

    Captain America

    Captain America is one of the strongest superheroes of Marvel. After receiving the Super Soldier serum, he got super strength, super reflexes, and super stamina. Since he’s an enhanced human, it is impossible that Steve Rogers could be defeated by the Kingpin. In Captain America, issue 147 these two characters fought ferociously. The Kingpin grabbed Captain America and almost shattered his spine. In fact, Captain America was only saved because the Falcon and Redwing came to his rescue just in time. 

    4. Venom


    In 100th Anniversary Special Spider-Man, on alternate Earth Kingpin spent large amounts of time and money to slowly transform the Venom symbiote into a techno-organic creature that he could control. As usual, the plan succeeded and Fisk was able to usurp the symbiote from Eddie Brock.  After he stole the symbiote, Fisk shot Brock in the head, killing him. This led to a brutal fight between Fisk-Venom and Spider-Man. Peter was narrowly able to use a combination of skill and technology to avenge Eddie’s death and take down Kingpin.

    3. The Ghost-Rider

    The Ghost rider

    During the Shadowland story, Daredevil was possessed by the Beast of the Hand and was ruling the organization in Hell’s Kitchen. This led Daredevil to publicly murder Bullseye and the Avengers mobilized a team of heroes including Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. However, Kingpin had his own plans to end this facade. He used an ancient scroll to summon the Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, to do his bidding. And surprisingly Ghost Rider was helpless to resist Fisk’s commands. One of the most powerful forces on Earth was merely Kingpin’s puppet.

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    2. Spider-Man


    At each and every level Spider-Man kept losing to Kingpin. Every defeat of Spider-Man became a victory for Kingpin. Fisk hired a hitman to kill Peter Parker and instead, Aunt May became the collateral damage. Spider-Man retaliated by breaking into Fisk’s prison and attacking him. But the attack caused Aunt May’s life which prompted Peter Parker and Mary Jane to make their infamous deal with Mephisto, where Aunt May would be healed and the world would forget that Peter Parker was Spider-Man at the cost of Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage. All this was still a victory for Kingpin in the end, as he forced Spider-Man to make a deal with the literal devil to undo the damage caused by Fisk’s action. 

    1. The X-Men


    Kingpin was part of the Stark-Fujikawa corporation. At the same time, the Legacy Virus was ravaging the mutant community, and the X-Men along with Shang-Chi were tracking something called the Elixir Vitae, which they believed could be a cure for the Legacy Virus. Fisk had possession of Elixir Vitae and was planning on using it to become rich. The X-Men had no means of compelling the formula out of Kingpin or stealing the Elixir that he had. So Storm destroyed the Elixir to keep Fisk from profiting from it. 

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