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    Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Vs Echo Fight Scene Is A Disappointing Tango Sequence

    Marvel‘s Phase Five was a bit of a disappointment, with the fans looking forward to the ‘Hawkeye’ spinoff ‘Echo‘. The trailer of the series created shockwaves among the audience, making it a must-watch series. Moreover, Daredevil’s presence alongside Echo was the highlight of the show.

    Charlie Cox is known for a variety of roles, but it was the role of Matt Murdock that gained him popularity among the fans. However, the actor’s embodiment of Daredevil was so skillfully played that the fans could not get over his presence after ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, so the Marvel fans anticipated witnessing him in ‘Echo’. But the showdown was not up to the mark.

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    Fans In Dismay After Watching Echo And Daredevil’s Action Sequence

    Echo And Daredevil’s Action Sequence
    Echo And Daredevil had an action sequence

    As much as Marvel fans loved Charlie Cox’s presence, they were disheartened by the fight sequence between Daredevil and Echo. The fans complained that the action scene looked more like a dance than a combat. In a clip shared by DiscussingFilm on X, the fans shared their disappointment with the fight scene and that the show failed to meet their expectations. 

    Despite the badly directed fight sequence, Cox’s portrayal was loved by the fans. During an interview with Screen Rant, Marc Jobst stated how Charlie Cox can embody the physicality of the character and he breaks down the reasons that had impressed him the most.

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    Fanss React To Echo’s Terrible Fight Sequence

    Marvel Echo
    Marvel’s Echo

    One of the X users commented, “This is utter garbage, nothing about this compares to Netflix ‘Daredevil’. This is horrible choreography, these Disney + shows can’t do fight scenes right to save their own lives.” Another fan mentioned that the fight scene between Echo and Daredevil looked awful and slowed down. 

    GoldenAgeGeek (@GoldenAgeGeeks) commented that the scene looks more like a dance than a combat between the two. Another user wondered if Charlie Cox’s ‘Daredevil’ and Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez were rehearsing, as she let him hold her leg in the scene. 

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