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    Marvel’s ‘Echo’ Gets Positive Reviews Ahead Of Its Release

    Finally, the cloud of bad luck seems to be clearing up over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ending with a disappointing year, ‘Echo seems to bring a ray of hope and redemption for MCU, with the critics flowing in with rave reviews.

    Starring Alaqua Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio, Echo serves as the spinoff of the ‘Hawkeye’ miniseries and is the first TV-MA-rated show in MCU history. The series follows Maya’s return to Oklahoma to re-identify her native roots as she tries to bury her past with the Tracksuit Mafia and her previous association with Kingpin.

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    Here’s What The Critics Had To Say Regarding ‘Echo’

    Alaqua Cox as Echo
    Alaqua Cox as Echo

    According to The Direct, ‘Echo‘ is roaring with rave and positive reviews from the critics, only from the first two episodes of the series. Podcaster Tyrell Charles was amused by the action sequences and praised the series for focusing more on the background story of Maya Lopez. Charles reviewed it saying, “I’ve seen 3 eps of Echo. A grounded, character-driven story with hints of bigger things to come. The strong focus on Maya’s indigenous heritage & personal history intrigues me; and while some quiet moments slow the pacing; when the action scenes come, they are indeed brutal.”

    Emily Murray from Total Film enjoyed the violent fight scenes and the sound design saying that she would love to watch it again and again. Tom Percival from The Digital Fix assured that the ‘Daredevil‘ fans are in for a treat but he did not agree with all the creative moves used in the first two episodes. 

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    ‘Echo’ Is The Redemption Marvel Desperately Needs


    With box office failures and disastrous performances, Marvel was losing on a lot of its fan’s attention, however, with the release of ‘Echo‘ and the positive reviews it brings in, there might still be hope for Marvel to live up to its potential.

    Echo‘ is the first series that works on something called the “spotlight banner”, meaning that the viewers will only be tied to the journey of the central characters, instead of bringing in other-worldly and Multiversal shenanigans.

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