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    Hugh Jackman Reveals The Toughest Part Of Playing Wolverine At 55 After Retiring The Character As It Was “Hurting” Him

    After nearly a decade, Hugh Jackman returned to one of his iconic roles – Wolverine. Hugh feels he is a little old for the role but the actor is going to appear in the most awaited film of the Marvel universe, Deadpool And Wolverine’.

    Hugh took the role over two decades ago, and last appeared in the 2017 film ‘Logan‘. During a recent interview related to ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’, he revealed why he decided to break ties from the role.

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    Hugh Jackman On Playing Wolverine

    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (Image: Getty)
    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (Image: Getty)

    Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Recently talked with People Magazine about their upcoming movie Deadpool and Wolverine’. The two discussed taking up their most iconic and loved roles from the franchise. Fandom is awaiting this movie with a lot of expectations. While talking about this, Hugh Jackman also revealed about taking the role of Wolverine and why he retired from it.

    Hugh said, “I had got to the point probably 10 years ago I was like, I’m not enjoying it. It was hurting. It was tough.” It was tough for the actor to continue with the role for his mental peace and he wanted to focus more on his passion projects as reset.

    The actor added, “But I’ve had a break, and I’ve been doing a lot of dance. I’ve been doing stage shows. And so when I came back to it, it was really fun.”

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    Hugh Jackman Getting Back For Wolverine At The Age Of 55-Years-Old

    Deadpool and Wolverine
    Deadpool and Wolverine

    Both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are aging actors, but they still pulled off getting back in shape. They worked hard to gain back the superhero physique. Jackman also shared his progress with his fans on social media. Reynold’s himself being a great hardworking actor, appreciated Jackman’s determination.

    He said, “I couldn’t believe what I saw with what you did physically for this movie.” Reynolds praised him beyond his physical transformation but his dedication to the fighting scenes.

    Ryan added, “Not just the aesthetic transformation; that’s amazing, that’s incredible that anyone could do that. But just the sheer relentlessness that you dedicated yourself towards stunts [and] choreography. When Hugh Jackman is coming at you at 150 Australian miles per hour, you feel like there’s no way you’re not going to be dead in 4 seconds.

    The movieDeadpool And Wolverine is going to be released in the theatres on July 26, 2024.

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