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    “Worse Than I Anticipated”: ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Actress Emma Corrin Talks About The Vitriol Thrown At Them After Coming Out As Queer And Nonbinary

    After they rose to fame for their role in Netflix’s ‘The Crown’, Emma Corrin went through a lot of bitter remarks from the audience after the 28-year-old actress came out as queer and changed their pronouns.

    Talking to Harper’s Bazaar about the ‘vitriol‘ they received after they came out, the actress admits it’s ‘worse‘ than what they anticipated. Here’s how Corrin dealt with the negativity after accepting their sexuality, and how they have grappled about it since.

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    Emma Corrin Talks About ‘Vitriol’ They Endured After Coming Out

    Emma Corrin
    Emma Corrin

    The actress, in 2021, came out as queer and changed her pronouns. Talking about the journey, Emma Corrin said,  “When I started posting about it, it felt very scary and revealing and I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. But the feeling I’ve got from other people in the queer community has been wonderful.”

    But now, as they reveal, the journey was anything but easy, especially in the light of all the criticism they faced from fans. “The vitriol is worse than I anticipated,” Emma said, talking to Harper’s Bazaar, “Even though we like to think we’re in a progressive society, a lot of what we’re seeing is increasingly a step back.”

    They added, “People follow me because they’ve watched something I’m in. They think I’m one kind of person, and then they’ll see who I actually am and how I present and—I will never understand why. Who are you hurting by being yourself? Why am I controversial?”

    As of now, they are dating co-star Rami Malek and have been together since 2023.

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    Emma Corrin’s Career

    Emma Corrin in 'The Crown'
    Emma Corrin in ‘The Crown’

    Though they have done a number of memorable roles since, Corrin’s haunting portrayal of a young Princess Diana in ‘The Crown‘ undeniably remains one of their best performances.

    Corrin was helping with chemistry readings for the Camilla auditions and auditions for Diana’s role had not even started. However, Corrin took the opportunity and started practicing Diana’s reserved head tilts and her deliberate, slow pronunciation with their mother who is a speech therapist. Luckily, it worked and they bagged the role, which many applauded as one of the most fitting casting in the Netflix series. Later on, they also won a Golden Globe for their portrayal.

    Corrin is set to star as Cassandra Nova in Deadpool & Wolverine, debuting in the MCU.

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