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    ‘The Crown’ Actress Elizabeth Debicki Explains The Reason For Not Showing The Car Crash Scene Of Princess Diana

    ‘The Crown’ has been one of the most successful Netflix Original ventures that has kept the audience hooked on the royal family saga. Through six seasons, the series explored life and politics during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It will be drawing a curtain after the second part of the sixth season releases in December 2023.

    In the first part of the sixth season of ‘The Crown’, the creators took the audience through the aftermath of the tragic accident of Princess Diana. The critics were divided over the portrayal of Diana as a ghost in the first part. But, during an interview, Elizabeth Debicki, who is praised for playing Princess Diana, explains why the makers decided not to show the tragic Paris accident.

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    ‘The Crown’ Makers Omitted The Princess Diana Scene Out Of Respect And Caution

    Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in 'The Crown'
    Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’

    Elizabeth Debicki has done a stellar job of portraying Princess Diana in her final days. In the first part of the sixth season, the makers explored Princess Diana’s relationship with Dodi Fayed, who also died with her in the tragic Paris accident. They also showed the reactions of the family after the death of the Princess of Wales as her ghost lingered around.

    Elizabeth Debicki, during an interview with The New York Times, said that she agreed to the makers’ decision to not show the accident or her death in the hospital. She said, “I don’t think it’s at all necessary. You must proceed with enormous respect and caution because this was a real person and a profound and horrific tragedy.”

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    The Second Part Of Sixth Season Will Release On December 14

    Meg Ballamy and Ed McVay in the sixth season of 'The Crown'
    Meg Ballamy and Ed McVay in the sixth season of ‘The Crown’

    After portraying the romance between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in the first part of the sixth season, the second part will focus on tensions between Queen Elizabeth II and the next heir, Prince Charles. In the trailer, we saw the return of some of the early cast members, including Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret in the first and second seasons.

    In the final part, the focus will be on the romance between Prince William, played by Ed McVey, and Kate Middleton, played by Meg Bellamy. It will explore how Prince William will navigate his duties and his position at St. Andrew’s University, and how his perseverance gets tested when he develops a crush on Kate, which leads to marriage in 2005. Queen Elizabeth II, after the deaths of her mother and sister, focuses on the future of monarchy.

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