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Why Prince Harry Refuses To Watch Sixth Season Of ‘The Crown’?

Prince Harry has been ousted from the royal family for his consistent efforts to bring down the public image of the royal family. Along with Meghan Markle, he stepped down from royal duties. They relocated to the US, and since then, the couple has released content maligning the image of the royal family. The origin of Harry’s grudge against King Charles III was also seen in his memoir ‘Spare’, where he writes how Charles did not console him after the demise of his mother, Princess Diana.

Prince Harry is not the only entity that the royal family has been cautious of. For six seasons, Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ kept the royal family on their toes due to the portrayal of the family in the series. Now, it has reached its final juncture with the release of part one of the sixth season. In the new season, the makers have taken the story forward after the tragic death of Princess Diana. The creators decided to introduce the ghost of Diana in the series. So, understandably, Harry has kept himself away from it due to the sensitive content.

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Prince Harry Skips ‘The Crown’ New Season Due To Sensitive Content

Princess Harry will avoid the new season of 'The Crown' due to sensitive content of Princess Diana
Princess Harry will avoid the new season of ‘The Crown’ due to sensitive content of Princess Diana

The latest season of ‘The Crown’ shows the aftermath of the tragic death of Princess Diana. In August 1997, Princess Diana died in a car accident with her then-boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana, and Dominic West appears as Prince Charles in the new season. It has gotten mixed reviews due to certain screenplay loopholes and dehumanizing the spirit of Diana by presenting her as a phantom.

Prince Harry, through interviews and his memoir ‘Spare’, has talked about the deep effects of the untimely death of Princess Diana. He even resorted to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of her death. Now, due to Diana’s storyline, he will not watch the new season of ‘The Crown’.

A source told Page Six, “Due to the sensitive nature of content in upcoming episodes of ‘The Crown,’ Prince Harry has understandably decided not to view this season.” The source added, “There are no ill feelings towards the show’s creators or Netflix.”

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Prince William Is Infuriated With Prince Harry Over The Netflix Deal

Prince William is angry with Prince Harry for continuing the deal with Netflix after they mocked their mother's death
Prince William is angry with Prince Harry for continuing the deal with Netflix after they mocked their mother’s death

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly signed a $100 million deal with Netflix. The couple has already delivered three content pieces, including the bombshell docuseries ‘Harry & Meghan’. There are many projects in the pipeline for the Netflix deal. However, looking at the platform’s exploitation of his family and mother, Princess Diana, he is upset with Harry for the deal.

A close friend told The Daily Beast, “It’s incredibly hurtful to have his mother exploited over and over again in this tawdry fashion by Netflix. He won’t watch it, but he will be totally sickened by it.” Despite Netflix’s poor portrayal of Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s commitment to the platform has irked William.

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