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    How Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Helped Dominic West To Portray King Charles III In ‘The Crown’?

    Netflix’s most beloved original project, ‘The Crown’, has come to an end with the sixth season. For seven years, Peter Morgan and their team, with their strenuous efforts, built a fictionalized world that resembled the real royal family and succeeded in it. In the final chapter of the royal family history, Morgan decided to show the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death and Kate Middleton and Prince William’s love story.

    ‘The Crown’ was divided into two parts during the sixth and final seasons. Peter cast Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana and Dominic West as Prince Charles. The two have given stellar performances. Dominic encapsulated the grief and complexity of losing a loved one with such intricacy in the first part. A lot of research went into embodying the character, but Prince Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare’, proved to be a great gift for the actor.

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    Dominic West Says Reading Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Helped His Portrayal Of King Charles III

    Dominic West as King Charles IIIImage Courtesy: Radio Times
    Dominic West as King Charles III
    Image Courtesy: Radio Times

    In January 2023, Prince Harry released his controversial memoir titled ‘Spare’ which caught a lot of ire from the public. Harry wrote about everything intimately, right from trying several drugs to grieving his mother’s untimely death. Harry also wrote about how King Charles III did not show any emotion to either him or Prince William, but he gave a pat on his knee, telling him, “It’s going to be okay.”

    In ‘The Crown’, Peter Morgan recreated the scene, and for that, Dominic West took the help of Harry’s ‘Spare’. During an interview with Variety, West said that the book was like a gift for him.

    Dominic West said, “I know Peter didn’t read Harry’s book. I certainly did. I bought it immediately, and I think it did slightly affect the way we played that key scene where he wakes Harry up. I don’t think it really affected anything that Peter has written.”

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    West Thinks Charles Is An Emotional Man Compared To Others In The Royal Family

    King Charles III
    King Charles III

    In the sixth season of ‘The Crown’, we witness one of the most spectacular moments in a series with King Charles III grieving the death of Princess Diana.

    There is a scene in an airplane where Diana’s ghost appears in front of Charles, and they have a conversation about how they love each other while tears are rolling down their eyes.

    However, Dominic West was surprised at the hospital scene that Peter Morgan wrote about King Charles III’s reaction outside the Paris hospital when he found out about Diana’s death after looking at her body. West said, “I thought, ‘Oh, God, no. Oh dear.’ We don’t know, obviously, how Prince Charles reacted.”

    Dominic continued, “But anyway, he obviously decided to make him very emotional, and I am glad he did, in hindsight and having it done. I think Charles is an emotional man compared to some of his family.”

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