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    Iron Man vs Magneto: Who Actually Won In Comic Books?

    Magneto is to X-Men what Iron Man is to Avengers. Both the seemingly narcissistic characters led their teams, and towards the end were gifted with awe-worthy development and a complete character arc.

    In 2012 the X-Men and the Avengers collided over the fate of the world in an underrated battle. The Phoenix Force was coming to Earth. The mutants believed it to promise salvation, while the Avengers feared it would be the end of the world. But if we have to find out about who would win – Iron Man or Magneto, we have the answer in the comics.

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    Did Magneto Defeat Iron Man?

    Magneto and Iron Man
    Magneto and Iron Man

    Iron Man and Magneto locked horns on an island made of mental, where Tony Stark stood no chance. Recognizing the disadvantage, Iron Man then quickly unleashed a swarm of neodymium high-grade magnets he hoped would disrupt Magneto’s powers. However, Magneto destroyed them instantly. In order to defeat Magento, Iron Man himself became the new Master of Magnetism.

    By the end, Magneto felt a disruption in the magnetic fields, as an entire world was obliterated and realized this was the Phoenix Force, judging an entire world as it continued its inexorable journey towards Earth, and suddenly all of Magneto’s confidence drained out of him. He allowed Iron Man to strike a knockabout blow – and so the battle came to an end, and the Master of Magnetism was officially beaten by Iron Man.

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    Iron Man Knows The Trick To Beat Marvel Psychics

    Iron Man and Emma Frost
    Iron Man and Emma Frost

    While Thor and Captain Marvel were sent on a mission to space to fight the Phoenix Force, Iron Man was in a separate battle with the X-Men. This battle seems to be easy for the mutants unlike Tony Stark who developed his own method of neutralizing a telepath, Emma Frost. He released a swarm of microscopic telepathic tasers, and Emma Frost unwittingly ingested 17,000 of them. These tasers are activated by thought; the harder Emma exercised her mind, the more they shocked her.

    Tony Stark may have effectively neutralized the X-Men’s greatest telepathic weapon, ironically though, he had still underestimated Emma on her secondary mutation, which allows her to transform into an organic diamond form with enhanced strength and resistance to injury. While she can’t use her psychic power in this form, she is strong enough to dent the Iron Man armor. So, he can hold the fort against the X-Men, but cannot completely defeat them on his own.

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