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    ‘Ms. Marvel’ Star Iman Vellani Proposes Season 2 Idea Inspired By Spider Man

    Ms. Marvel’ recently finished airing its final episode in Disney plus. The last episode featured Kamala Khan in a post-credit scene that hinted about her future in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it is still not clear whether there will be a second season of the series or not.

    However, it looks like the show’s star, Iman Vellani, is not ready to waste even a single minute. Recently in an interview, she spoke about some of her own ideas that could be the basis of the second season.

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    Iman Vellani’s Interesting Idea For ‘Ms. Marvel’ Season 2

    Ms. Marvel
    ‘Ms. Marvel’ star’s interesting idea

    The season finale of the show revealed all about how Kamala Khan accessed the noor and the origin of her superhero name. Not only that, it also pointed toward the character’s future in the MCU. Although there is no confirmation about a season 2, Iman Vellani proposed a Spidey-inspired idea for the second season. According to her, they can show her character in a post ‘The Marvels’ scenario.

    In her interview with Stylecaster, Iman Vellani said, “It would be fun to see Kamala post-‘The Marvels’ after she’s fought with her idol”. She further continued, “It’s similar to what Spider-Man went through after fighting with the Avengers in ‘Civil War’ and going back to the friendly neighborhood thing.”

    ‘Ms. Marvel’ Writer Bisha K. Ali Reveals The Superhero’s Future

    Bisha K. Ali the writer of 'Ms. Marvel'
    Bisha K. Ali, the writer of ‘Ms. Marvel’ talks her heart out

    During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Marvel’ head writer Bisha K. Ali said that the show is going to prepare Kamala for the future. “At the point we started up the Ms. Marvel writers’ room, we already knew going in that ‘The Marvels’ was going to happen and that Ms. Marvel was going to be part of it. What I didn’t know — and still don’t — is what’s going to happen in that movie, but I have some guesses”, said Ali.

    She continued, “So I was very aware that we would get a teenage girl in Jersey City, without powers, and we would have to get her ready for whatever is going to happen in that movie. So I was very aware of that connectivity, and by the time they got moving in earnest on that feature, most of our scripts had been written. So, they had read all of our scripts, and they knew what was going to happen to her. They had all of that in mind as they were going into their movie, but I would love to know what happens in their story.

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