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    Paul Rudd Reveals The Horrible Diet Marvel Made Him Follow

    Playing a superhero seems cool only on-screen with flashy costumes and realistic VFX. But behind all the wonderstruck scenes lies an extremely restrictive schedule including workout sessions, an intense diet, and death-defying stunts. Recently ‘Ant-man’ star Paul Rudd revealed a curse that tagged along with the reward of starring in Marvel films.

    Marvel introduced Rudd as Ant-man in 2015 who instantly became a fan-favorite character. But, it has been a tough journey for the actor.

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    Paul Rudd Was Aggrieved By Marvel’s Dietary Restrictions

    Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
    Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

    Hosted by Ed Gamble and James Acaster, ‘Off Menu‘ is a comedy food podcast that asks its guests to recall their multi-course dream menu. Recently the podcast welcomed Paul Rudd, spilling the beans about his restrictive diet during the filming of ‘Ant-man’

    The ‘Clueless’ actor revealed his awful diet for Marvel. He said, “When I was having to train for the Ant-Man movie, and I was on a very restrictive diet, my reward was sparkling water. That’s how horrible that diet was.”

    Rudd further added that after intense training and working out, a lot of sparkling water was his treat: “I was like, Alright, I can have some sparkling water now, I’ve earned it.”

    James Acaster asked the actor, “Did it feel like a treat? To this, Rudd replied, “Yeah, it was great. It wasn’t flavored, I wasn’t gonna go crazy.” Rudd revealed he did it “all for Marvel films”, and at times it was easier than expected.

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    Adam Warlock Actor Will Poulter On Body Transformation Expected For Superhero Movies

    Will Poulter
    Will Poulter

    Over the years, many Marvel stars have opened up about the gut-wrenching training regimens they are forced to follow when cast in the superhero franchise. During an interview with The Independent, Will Poulter who plays Adam Warlock opened up about the mental toll that took over due to the chiseled physique expectation. 

    Poulter said that the actors have to prioritize their mental and physical health over the “aesthetic goals, otherwise you end up promoting something that is unhealthy and unrealistic if you don’t have the financial backing of a studio paying for your meals and training.”

    He also shared his strict diet plan saying that it took “a lot of gym work” and a “very, very specific diet”. Further, he explained, “It means not particularly civilized at times, Quantities of food you wouldn’t necessarily want to ingest. And other times not enough food… I’ve gone through periods of looking at food and feeling like I can’t face it, and then you blink and the next minute you’re ready to eat furniture because you’re so hungry.”

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