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    “We Had Too Much Fun, It Ruined The Movie”: Chris Hemsworth Reveals Why ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Turned Out So Bad

    Thor: Love and Thunder did not live up to the mighty expectations of the fans. The fourth installment of ‘Thor‘ movie franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a commercial success, grossing over $760 million worldwide at the box office. However, Phase 4 as a whole was criticized due to a bland storyline and poor VFX.

    Thor 4‘ was not spared by the movie critics, as the movie was rated poorly because of its bad VFX, bad writing and childish humor, the portrayal of Thor, and more importantly, the film moved away from the movie’s original dark moments. Apart from this, even Chris Hemsworth pondered over why ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ turned out to be disappointing.

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    Chris Hemsworth Criticizes ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

    'Thor: Love And Thunder' still featuring Chris Hemsworth
    ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ still featuring Chris Hemsworth

    During an interview with GQ Magazine, Chris Hemsworth addressed the criticism regarding ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Hemsworth shared, “I think we just had too much fun. It just became too silly. It’s always hard being in the centre of it and having any real perspective… I love the process, it’s always a ride. But you just don’t know how people are going to respond.”

    The actor also acknowledged that the movie critics for Thor were indeed eight-year-olds and not any experienced movie critics. Hemsworth said, “It’s a bunch of eight-year-olds critiquing my film. We thought this one had too much humor, the action was cool but the VFX weren’t as good. I cringe and laugh equally at it.”

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    Chris Hemsworth to make a comeback in Thor 5

    Thor is the first and only Marvel Avenger until now who has five solo films featuring Chris Hemsworth in the role of the Asgardian God. However, after the disappointing release of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ along with Hemsworth’s confessions about the film “being silly”, fans highly doubted if Hemsworth would return as the Son of Odin.

    Taika Watiti will be helming ‘Thor 5‘ starring Chris Hemsworth reprising the role of Thor and has already dropped hints for the potential villain. Waititi said that the upcoming villain must surpass the formidable Hela, played by Cate Blanchett in 2017’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. Waititi envisioned Thor’s challenges to get more intense featuring “more and more outlandish and crazy beasts, monsters, and aliens”. He further said, “I don’t think we can have a villain that’s weaker than Hela. I feel like we need to step up from there and add a villain that’s somehow more formidable.”

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