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    Who Is ‘Madame Web’ Character Ezekiel Sims?

    The name Ezekiel Sims is known to every Marvel comic reader out there. Now the recent trailer drop of Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web‘ featured Tahar Rahim embodying the role of Ezekiel Sims. Unlike the comics, Rahim’s portrayal will witness a fresh and different take on the character.

    The film’s teaser revealed to the audiences that Ezekiel Sims was in the Amazon with Cassandra Webb’s mother researching spiders right before she died, leaving out many details about the film’s potential antagonist.

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    Who Is Ezekiel Sims In Marvel Comics?

    Ezekiel Sims
    Ezekiel Sims

    In the 2001 comic, Ezekiel Sims introduces himself to Peter Parker while sticking to the side of a building, revealing his similar abilities while also disclosing that he knows Spider-Man secret identity. Ezekiel’s primary mission was focused on his attempts to protect Spider-Man and other spider-totems such as Silk from the threat of Morlun, a vampiric being called Inheritor seeking to consume the life forces of all Spider-heroes across the Spider-Verse.

    Ezekiel’s role in Peter Parker’s life saw him helping him take his first steps into a larger world of destiny and totems. He serves as a spiritual mentor and protector of Spider-Man. Although the trailer of Madame Web teases a darker and grittier version of Ezekiel Sims.

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    Ezekiel Sims’ ‘Madame Web’ Suit Explained

    Ezekiel Sims suit
    Ezekiel Sims suit

    The biggest visual difference between ‘Madame Web‘s Ezekiel and the comic version of the character is the new spider-suit which is certainly darker and more sinister hinting that Ezekiel Sims might play out to be the anatogonist.

    The film’s costume designer, Ngila Dickson, revealed that the costume design is a combination of Miles Morales’s costume with a remix of Kaine’s old look from ‘The Clone Saga’.

    Will Ezekiel Sims Be A Protagonist Or An Antagonist In Madame Web?

    Ezekiel Sims
    Ezekiel Sims

    The trailer seemed to hint that Ezekiel Sims might be an antagonist, as the film combined the elements of Ezekiel Sims with Morlun and turned them into one character according to J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of both characters. He said, “It’s definitely the character I created for Spidey, but it feels like they may have merged it with Morlun a bit,” he tweeted.

    Dakota Johnson plays Cassandra Webb in the new ‘Madame Web‘ along with Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter. The film also stars Isabela Merced as Anya Corazon and Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin. The trailer also revealed that Ezekiel Sims is hunting them down in a bid to change said future, presenting a markedly different Ezekiel than the one in comics.

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