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    ‘Madame Web’: Concept Art Shows A Fight Between Spider-Man And Ezekiel Sims 

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe film ‘Madame Web’s concept art showcases the scrapped scenes of the movie. The movie was supposed to have Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appear in it. However, that was not the case.

    The movie did in fact have four Spider-man-like superheroes make appearances but it was not the same as planned. In the concept art, Spider-Man is wearing a suit very similar to Tom Holland’s leading to people believing that Tom was supposed to make an appearance.

    Moreover, in one of the pictures Spider-Man could be seen engaging in combat with ‘Madame Web’s antagonist Ezekiel Sims. Ezekiel and Spiderman are falling from the sky towards the city engaging in what looks like a fight.

    In another image, the two are even fighting at the top of a building. However, nothing has been officially announced regarding the Spider-Man in question being Holland’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man in ‘Madame Web‘ makes sense as the movie had a lot of characters closely related to him. 

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    Fans Believe The Addition Of Spider-Man In ‘Madame Web’ Could’ve Saved The Movie

    Spider-Man fighting Ezekiel Sims
    Spider-Man fighting Ezekiel Sims

    With 12% on Rotten Tomatoes and 3.8/10 on IMDB, it’s obvious thatMadame Web’ did not meet the expectations. Despite having a star cast including Dakota Johnson, and Sydney Sweeney, the movie was widely disliked among the MCU fans. Additionally, the plot of the movie revolves around characters from the Spider-Man movies. 

    So, it’s not surprising that fans believe that the addition of Spider-Man could’ve saved the movie from a huge box office failure. However, some fans thought differently and we’re relieved that the hero was not added to the movie as it would’ve ruined the character.

    Madame Web‘ is certainly one of the biggest flops when it comes to comic book adaptations. It is now available for streaming on Prime Video and Apple TV+.

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