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    “A Love Letter To Movies”: Twitter Loves Brad Pitt And Margot Robbie’s ‘Babylon’ Trailer

    Party, noise, dance, and fun. The Babylon trailer has started to set a special rapport with all the movie fans. Damien Chazelle is bringing the Golden Age of Hollywood back to the screens. The vibrancy and the boisterousness of the trailer have set high expectations among the audience.

    The film had its first epic trailer release on September 13, 2022. And the movie would premiere on Christmas Day this year in selected theatres and would be ready for worldwide release on January 6, 2023. From the trailer, it can be understood that the movie would ponder into power, wealth, and fame that made Hollywood what it is today. Here’s how the internet reacted to the trailer of the new Damien Chazelle movie trailer.

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    What Is The Movie All About?

    The Cast of Babylon
    The Cast of Babylon

    The basic idea was just to do a big, epic, multicharacter movie, set in these early days of Los Angeles and Hollywood when both of these things were coming into what we now think of them as,” the 37-year-old director Damien Chazelle told Vanity Fair in his first interview about Babylon. The movie focuses on the Hollywood of the 1920s. A time when cinema was undergoing changes, transitioning from silent films to talkies. With Brad Pitt as Jack Conrad and Margot Robbie as Nellie LaRoy, the movie depicts fictional characters who are loosely inspired by real-life Hollywood actors. Tobey Maguire, Diego Calva, Olivia Wilde, Jean Smart, and Katherine Waterston will all be part of the epic drama.

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    BabylonTrailer Sets Party Vibes To Twitter

    Brad Pitt in Babylon
    Brad Pitt in Babylon

    Netizens seem to love the uncensored trailer of ‘Babylon‘. With Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, and Diego Calve the movie is set to bring the 1920s of Hollywood back to life. The tweets comment much on the two actors Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie. Brad Pitt’s effortless acting has gained much attention. While the Harley Quinn craziness of Margot Robbie is what caught the rest of the fans.

    The simple trailer has made Brad Pitt fans love his portrayal of the American actor Jack Conrad.

    While some tweets did point out the time period of the movie, and how that contradicted the make-up, costumes, and hairstyles of the actors.

    Whatever the case, the trailer surely promises fans a raging party vibe!

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