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    “There Was Addiction, But…”: Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband Blake Fielder-Civil Reveals Why Her Biopic ‘Back To Black’ Is “Therapeutic” For Him

    Blake Fielder-Civil married the late singer Amy Winehouse in 2007 and they were together until 2009. There was speculation that their relationship was solely based on drug usage and Blake was vilified by the media over it, especially after Amy passed away in 2011 due to excessive alcohol usage. Now, in her biopic titled ‘Back To Black‘, will Blake be given a clean chit?

    During an interview with Good Morning Britain, he stated that he found his representation in the movie ‘Back To Black’ closest to the real him. Jack O’Connell portrays Blake in the biopic, which seems “surreal” and “therapeutic” to Amy’s ex-husband.

    Blake said, “There were some parts of it that enabled me to feel like I was seeing a more accurate representation of the relationship.” He continued, “As much as that might have been the salacious headlines, and the paparazzi’s goal, there was addiction, but it was only an aspect. The relationship started like every relationship does.”

    He insisted on the fact that he was responsible for introducing heroin and substance usage to Amy’s life but the movie didn’t show any of that. He said, “There must be a little bit more to this relationship than just an addled user, or whatever I was portrayed as, or somebody that was sinisterly leading Amy into addiction, which wasn’t the case.”

    Blake commended Marisa Abela, the actress who plays the role of Winehouse, for accurately portraying the late singer’s mannerisms and motivating him to get in touch with her father, Mitch Winehouse.

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    ‘Back To Black’ Vision

    Still from the movie 'Back To Black'
    Still from the movie ‘Back To Black’

    Director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film about Amy Winehouse is most likely doing a good job of encapsulating the singer’s essence. She had a complicated personality in general, but the movie captured the raw and humorous side of her personality. Her early adolescence age, performances, relationships, and demise at such a young age are some of the few subjects touched upon in the movie.

    Netizens and critics have mixed reviews of the movie. They are claiming that it doesn’t show the actual side of the singer. She was doomed and a drug addict who passed away due to overdosage of alcohol. Rather the storyline of the movie focuses on her love life with her husband Blake Fielder.

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