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    ‘Cruella 2’: Cast, Plot And Release Date Of Emma Stone’s Disney Film

    For the past ten years or so, Disney has been creating live-action movie adaptations of some of our favorite Disney princesses from our youth. Cruella is one of the more despicable antagonists in Disney World. The outstanding lead performance by the immensely talented Emma Stone is what made it all happen. Stone’s appealing and terrifying portrayal of Cruella won over moviegoers all around the world, and it made a tonne of money. The announcement of a ‘Cruella 2‘ by Disney soon after the premiere of the first movie was not unexpected.

    We do, of course, have some questions concerning Cruella’s second journey, such as when it will be released and what direction the story will take, and which actors are returning to the cast, among others. Well, let’s take a look.

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    What Will ‘Cruella 2’ Be About?

    Cruella‘ stands as a predecessor to the well-known and beloved ‘101 Dalmatians‘ tale. In fact, the first movie concludes with Cruella giving Roger (Kayvan Novak) and Anita (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) the Dalmatian Pongo and Perdita, indicating that the sequel may explore Cruella’s horrific crimes. When it’s all said and done, though, we might be going forward a few years.

    Nadia Stacey and Julia Vernon, the film’s makeup artists, told Variety, “The hope is we’re moving into the ’80s … get your rollers out, lots of perms. We’d have such a new era to explore.” It would be fascinating to experience a new decade of fashion alongside Cruella. But we’re all anticipating the return of the evil fashion icon, whatever happens, or whenever it does. Also, according to rumors, the film would be a musical.

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    Who Will We Be Seeing In The Film?

    According to a Deadline article from August 2021, Emma Stone will undoubtedly return for the sequel. In a July 2022 interview with Forbes, Paul Walter Hauser made the statement, “I’m told we’re doing it next year,” which clearly indicated he will be playing Horace once more. There aren’t many details known about the sequel because the script is still being written. Gillespie has hinted that he’d like to see Emma Thompson return as the Baroness. There have also been rumors that Taylor Swift might join the cast as a villain in ‘Cruella 2‘, but it isn’t confirmed yet.

    “There’s sort of conversations about what that will be. Where this world takes us now, and then I think they’ll be diving into it. We’re in that exploratory phase right now, but they’ve got a lot of ideas that are exciting,” Gillespie teased. When Cruella’s post-credit scene, which hinted at a set-up for 101 Dalmatians was brought up, he continued, saying, “Maybe a whole other movie.

    When Will ‘Cruella 2’ Release?

    We don’t anticipate a ‘Cruella 2‘ release date to be announced any time soon because the sequel was only given the green light last year. The pandemic forced ‘Cruella‘ to debut on Disney Plus. So when the movie does come out, it probably will be a theater exclusive. This means that the release of the movie could also be very different. A 2025 release is a prediction we can make.

    For now, all we can do is wait. And for those who want to revisit the movie, ‘Cruella‘ is available on Disney+.

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