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Did Loki Create Multiverse In Marvel? How Many Multiverses Are There?

Marvel leaves everyone in thought by its movies. The shows and movies it is coming up with are no less than a masterpiece. Starting from the phase of avengers and now getting to know more superheroes, it is going really well. But one show that it came up with was not about a superhero. We all didn’t expect that as Marvel Universe is a universe filled with superheroes. But when it came to light, it made people excited as well as curious. Here, we are talking about Loki. So, today we are going to discuss topics related to Loki. And find out really new and interesting things.

About Marvel’s Loki

Marvel's Loki

Loki is a television series that came in the year 2021. It is about the God of Mischief – Loki. As we all know, Loki is the brother of Thor. But as we saw in earlier movies, he was a villain from the start. Having thoughts of ruling on planets, specifically earth, and due to which the attack too happened in Avenger’s first movie. But this show shows a completely opposite side of him. While traveling to a different universe, by mistake affect a timeline. And from there the main show starts. It is all about him finding various secrets, finding the He Who Remains, and making various friends on the journey. But in the end, he makes such a decision that he didn’t expect.

Who Created Multiverse?

Marvel Multiverse

So, to continue the discussion. In the end, Loki acts as the disruptor of the main timeline branch. And that results in the opening up of many multiverses. So, yes, Loki is responsible for creating these many multiverses.

Marvel has a unique way of moving things forward. It always keeps things and stories connected. And this huge turn in the show Loki is giving the creators a very good way of moving forward. Now, what all is left to see is how Marvel will connect the stories making up with these many timelines. Maybe, the upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will give us a hint. And we will get to know what all doors will be opened further.

How Many Multiverses Are There?

Who Created Multiverse?

To give you a precise number, it is not possible. But approximately, there are more than 1500 multiverses in the Marvel Universe. Some of the famous multiverses include,

  1. Earth-199999, which is the universe from the movie Iron Man and also from the latest movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  2. Earth-10005 is the universe of the X-Men series.
  3. Earth-TRN554 is the universe in which we can see the Fantastic Four.
  4. Earth-40083 is the universe that we can see in the first movie of Hulk that came back in 2003.
  5. Earth-41633 is the universe of the movie Deadpool.
  6. Earth-121347 is the universe of the movie series Ghost Rider.
  7. Earth-13122 is the universe for the Lego superheroes of Marvel.
  8. Earth-982 is going to be the universe for the second season of What If?
  9. Earth-1610 is the universe for the Ultimate Spider-Man, and the Ultimate X-Men.
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