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    Donald Trump’s Campaign Calls ‘The Apprentice’ Pure Fiction, Plan To Sue Filmmakers Citing “Malicious Defamation Perpetuated By Hollywood Elites”

    The Cannes Film Festival recently witnessed the premiere of The Apprentice, a biopic film directed by Ali Abbasi. The movie delves into Donald Trump‘s early years, chronicling his rise out of his father’s shadow. 

    However, the Trump campaign has declared war on the film. They claim that the film is riddled with “blatantly false assertions” and “pure fiction” that have long been debunked.

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    Why Is ‘The Apprentice’ So Controversial?

    Sebastian Stan as Donald Trump
    Sebastian Stan as Donald Trump

    The central controversy revolves around a scene depicting Trump allegedly raping his then-wife, Ivana. While Ivana had previously spoken about the sexual assault, she later recanted the incident. The film also explores other aspects of Trump’s life. Whether it’s graphic depictions of hair treatments or liposuction it has it all. 

    As the credits rolled at Cannes, the audience erupted into an 11-minute standing ovation, but the Trump campaign vowed to take legal action against what they perceive as “malicious defamation perpetuated by Hollywood elites.”

    We will be filing a lawsuit to address the blatantly false assertions from these pretend filmmakers,” Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said while talking to Rolling Stone.

    In the world of Trump, threats of lawsuits are not uncommon. However, whether this legal battle will escalate or quietly fade away remains uncertain. The film’s portrayal of Trump’s early career and personal life has ignited controversy, leaving audiences to grapple with the blurred lines between fiction and reality.

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    Ivana Trump Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault In The 90s

    Ivana Trump and Donald Trump
    Ivana Trump and Donald Trump

    During the couple’s divorce proceedings in the early 90s, Ivana Trump accused the current GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, of assaulting and raping her. The incident allegedly occurred in a fit of rage over a painful scalp reduction surgery. According to Ivana’s testimony, Donald yelled, “Your doctor ruined me!” before violently tearing out her hair. 

    He then proceeded to rape her, leaving her terrified and traumatized. Ivana later described the assault to her confidantes, unequivocally stating, “He raped me.” However, in a subsequent statement, she clarified that she did not mean the word “rape” in a literal or criminal sense. Despite Donald Trump’s denial of the allegations, the controversy surrounding this incident persists.

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