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    Elvis Presley Fans Are Disappointed With New Biopic As It Leaves Out A Major Part Of The Legend’s Story

    Director Baz Luhrmann’s biopic of the rock legend Elvis Presley came out a few days ago. The movie focuses on the life and career of the world-famous musician. But, fans are not particularly thrilled after watching the movie and have been calling it “inaccurate”.

    With a total runtime of two hours and 39 minutes, fans had a lot of expectations from the movie, which stars Austin Butler as Presley. But, their enthusiasm fell hard by the end of the film as it lacked in many ways. Especially, the demise of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll shown in the movie didn’t sit quite well with the fans.

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    Elvis Presley’s Stepbrother David E Stanley Sheds Light On His Final Moments Ignored By New Biopic

    Elvis Presley and David E Stanley
    Author David E Stanley the and the stepbrother of Elvis Presley talked about the legend’s demise

    David E Stanley, who was Elvis’ stepbrother, bodyguard, and tour manager, shared details about his brother’s final moment in an interview with The Sun. The film ignores the legendary musician’s drug overdose, which happened just hours before Elvis was due to set off for Portland for a new tour. That very morning the renowned musician had his last cocktail of pills.

    David said, “I arrived as the paramedic walked in and I said, ‘It’s a drug overdose’. I didn’t panic because I’d pulled him out of a dozen overdose situations. I ran up the steps, into his room, the bathroom where Elvis was laying in the fetal position. Vernon was at his feet moaning: ‘My son is dead’. I saw his face buried in the carpet. I don’t know whether he fell off the toilet when he had his heart attack.”.

    He continued, “But no he was not eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich like all these conspiracy theorists claim. It was a drug overdose. When I saw him I knew he was gone, rigor mortis had set in, his eyes were rolled back and face blue bloated. When the paramedics rolled Elvis over and asked ‘What do we have here?’, I said, ‘A drug overdose’. And Vernon looked at me with anger, but it was obvious as there was paraphernalia and empty syringes laying around the body”.

    Elvis was admitted to Graceland on that fateful August 16, 1977, and that’s where the doctors finally declared him dead after trying their best to revive him.

    Fans Slam New Biopic For Inaccuracy

    Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley fans didn’t like how the biopic ended

    Fans reacted to ‘Elvis‘ movie online, declaring that the biopic hardly conveyed the truth about the King’s death. The death of Elvis is as important as everything else according to them. “My biggest disappointment was basically not addressing the pills at all till the very end,” one fan commented on an online discussion board. Another agreed and wrote, “It spends too much time on certain points of his life and then rushes through or skips past other parts. We don’t really see his drug abuse.” A third fan stated, “They don’t want you to remember Elvis as a drug addict.”

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