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    ‘Evil Dead Rise’: Meet The Cast And Characters Of New Movie In ‘Evil Dead’ Franchise

    Haven’t we had enough of franchise movies that have become the shell of their former selves? With the recent decline of MCU and DC, it’s worth wondering if franchises are dying an unpleasant death. That said, we are willing to cash in all our chips on Evil Dead Rise,’ the fifth installment in the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise.

    The latest installment takes the ancient horror to a city setting as a new generation discovers the Necronomicon. Lee Cronin’s take is a harrowing tale of a reunion of two sisters (Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland) interrupted when the house is possessed with demons, forcing everyone into a battle for survival.

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    Cast Of ‘Evil Dead Rise’

    1. Lily Sullivan – Beth

    Lily Sullivan

    The Australian actress is known for playing Coral in her debut film ‘Mental,’ and Miranda in the television series Picnic At Hanging Rock.’ She also starred in movies ‘Jungle,’ ‘Dark Place,’ ‘I Met A Girl, and ‘The Monolith.’ The 28-year-old actress plays Aunt Beth in Lee Cronin’s horror film ‘Evil Dead Rise.’

    2. Alyssa Sutherland – Ellie

    Alyssa Sutherland

    Fans will recognize the Australian actress and model as Queen Aslaug in the historical drama ‘Vikings.’ The Brisbane-born actress has film credits like ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ ‘Day on Fire,’ ‘Don’t Look Up,’ and ‘Arbitrage.’ She now stars in ‘Evil Dead Rise‘ as Ellie, who gets possessed by a demon entity.

    3. Morgan Davies – Danny

    Morgan Davies

    Another Australian in the cast of the latest installment in the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise. Since debuting as a child actor in ‘The Tree,’ Morgan Davies has starred in the television series ‘Terra Nova,’ ‘Devil’s Playground,’ ‘The Girlfriend Experience,’ and ‘The End.’ Davies now stars in Danny in Lee Cronin’s horror film.

    4. Gabrielle Echols – Bridge

    Gabrielle Echols

    A child actor who previously appeared in the 2021 sci-fi movie ‘Reminiscence’ with Hugh Jackman. She now plays Bridget in the fifth film of the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise.

    5. Nell Fisher – Kassie

    Nell Fisher

    She’s a London-born actress with roles in the film ‘Northspur’ and the television series ‘My Life Is Murder.’ Nell Fisher plays Kassie in the upcoming movie from Lee Cronin.

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    6. Richard Crouchley – Caleb

    Richard Crouchley

    Before being cast in ‘Evil Dead Rise,’ Richard Crouchley appeared in series like ‘Head High’ and ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries.’ ‘Evil Dead Rise’ marks his first movie credit to date.

    7. Mirabai Pease – Teresa

    Mirabai Pease

    American actress Mirabai Pease has acted in television series like ‘The Gulf,’ ‘Black Hands,’ ‘Duckrockers,’ and ‘Head High.’ Mirabai plays Teresa in ‘Evil Dead Rise.’

    8. Bruce Campbell – An Unnamed Priest

    Bruce Campbell

    The franchise can’t exist without Bruce Campbell making an appearance. Fan favorite Bruce Campbell pops in for a cameo as an unnamed priest we hear on a record.

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