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    ‘Harry Potter’: Who Became The Headmaster Of Hogwarts After Snape Died?

    Hands down Albus Dumbledore was the greatest headmaster in the history of Hogwarts. The magical world of ‘Harry Potter‘ would collapse without the guidance of this amazing and wise man. He dedicated his entire life to Hogwarts and is the only Headmaster who was laid to rest at Hogwarts. After his demise, Minerva McGonagall was the obvious and deserving choice for Headmaster. Before this would happen darkness took over the grounds of Hogwarts.

    Son of Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, Albus was a half-blood wizard- which is why he favored the muggle-borns. Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of his time – this was proven during the dual between Grindleward and him. A dive into the ‘Pensieve’- shows us the love shared between Dumbledore and Grindelwald and the blood pact between them. It was due to the blood pact that Dumbledore could not directly attack Grindleward and if either one attacked, it would have resulted in them losing their life over a period of time. Dumbledore’s tragic history affected his life greatly, but in turn, made him a better person and more importantly, the greatest wizard of his time. But who became the headmaster of Hogwarts after his and Snape’s reign?

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    Minerva McGonagall Became The Headmaster After Snape’s Death

    Minerva McGonagall, the head of the Gryffindor house was initially appointed as Headmistress but was quickly demoted after Voldemort took control of the school and replaced her with Professor Severus Snape as Headmaster. Things got chaotic under Snape’s guidance and the dementors were constantly raiding the grounds of Hogwarts. Later during the second Wizarding War, Voldemort killed Snape to take control of the Elder Wand, which was earlier under Dumbledore’s control. Clearing Snape’s name, it was Dumbledore who ordered Snape to kill him – since the broken blood pact was slowly consuming him to death. This chain of violence left Hogwarts without a headmaster.

    Eventually, after the war, McGonagall took up the responsibility and established herself as a capable leader worthy of carrying the torch that was previously held by Albus Dumbledore. And it also makes sense that she would be the one to take over the school. She had known Dumbledore for almost her whole life and was always loyal to him. She also always put the safety of her students first and vowed to act in the school’s best interest. This also makes her a better Headmaster than him, as Dumbledore’s personal baggage and ulterior motives were always a stain on his legacy.

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    What Happened In The Wizarding World After The War In ‘Harry Potter’?

    Kingsley Shacklebolt became Minister for Magic after the Wizarding War. The Ministry of Magic was de-corrupted, under Kingsley, the discrimination that was always present there was eradicated. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, joined the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic. And Hermione became a high-ranking official in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. But Hermoine being Hermoine, went back to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year of study and her N.E.W.T.S., which the boys did not bother to attend

    McGonagall remained the Headmaster until almost 2020-2021 and taught the next generations of Potters, Weaslys, and Malfoys. Professor Marazion succeeded her. Harry and Dudley would still see each other enough to be on Christmas card terms, but they visited more out of a sense of duty and sat in silence so that their children could see their cousins. They avoided the mistake their parents made. Percy Weasley became an official in the new Ministry of Magic under Kingsley Shacklebolt. And Ginny became the senior Quidditch correspondent at the Daily Prophet.

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