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    “I Gravitate Towards Crazy Asks”: Cate Blanchett Reveals What Made Her Take Up A Role In ‘Borderlands’

    Cate Blanchett has truly stepped out of her box for her video-game based film ‘Borderlands‘, and she has a pretty solid reason for crossing genres. Soon after posters of the film were released, many expressed excitement and surprise at Blanchett’s role while also anticipating to see a brand new side of her.

    To address all the surprised reactions fans gave out for the film, the Oscar winning actress talked about what compelled her to take up the role. Here’s what Cate Blanchett said about her husband convincing her to take up a role in ‘Borderlands’.

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    Cate Blanchett On Her Role In ‘Borderlands’

    Cate Blanchett in 'Borderlands'
    Cate Blanchett in ‘Borderlands’

    Cate Blanchett, the ‘Cinderella‘ actress admitted to Empire that being in Eli Roth’s action movie ‘Borderlands’ allowed her to get out of her current state of “COVID madness,” which was quarantine. While her massive switch has left many surprised, she thinks it is a great decision to upskill her versatility.

    “The crazy asks are usually the things I gravitate towards; the things I could never conceive of,” Blanchett said during an interview. “I think there also may have been a little COVID madness — I was spending a lot of time in the garden, using the chainsaw a little too freely. My husband said, ‘This film could save your life,’” she added.

    Blanchett said she prepared meticulously for her role as Lillith, the leader of a diverse group of space mercenaries, who included Jamie Lee Curtis, Arianna Greenblatt, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. Blanchett even became a gamer solely for ‘Borderlands‘ experience.

    Talking about how she prepared for the film, the actress said, “My thumbs can barely control a phone, but I bought a PS5 and we played each other. I wanted to know the limits of the game and what fans loved about the character. I got really absorbed in that whole world: the cosplayers, the YouTube make-up tutorials.”

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    What Is ‘Borderlands’ About?

    Cate Blanchett in 'Borderlands'
    Cate Blanchett in ‘Borderlands’

    Cate Blanchett plays Lilith, a well-known character in the game’s world, and Hart plays the expert mercenary Roland in ‘Borderlands’. Ariana Greenblatt plays Tiny Tina, the explosives specialist, and Jack Black voices the robot Claptrap.

    The film, which is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Pandora, follows Lilith as she travels back to her home planet in search of Atlas’s daughter, who has gone missing. Lilith sets out on a risky voyage with Roland, Tiny Tina, and other companions, where she encounters frightening bandits and extraterrestrial monsters.

    As the story progresses, the group’s goal turns into a struggle for their relationship with one another as well as the fate of the the universe. The film is set for a release on August 9, 2024.

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