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    “The Out Of Touch Elite”: Netizens Mock Cate Blanchett For Calling Herself ‘Middle Class’ Despite Having A Net Worth Of $95 Million

    Actress Cate Blanchett is a two-time Oscar winner, is a part of the blockbuster movie series ‘Lord of the Rings’ and has been part of some big projects as well. But why are we discussing her projects?

    Well even after doing all these projects an actress whose worth is around $95 million, calls herself “middle class“. During the press at the Cannes Film Festival, she made the claim, even after having a lineup of hit roles in movies.

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    Cate Blanchett Says She’s Middle Class During Cannes Festival Press

    Cate Blanchett during the interview
    Cate Blanchett during the interview

    Cate has been the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) goodwill ambassador since 2016. During the UNHCR: Displaced Stories press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, the actress said that she belongs to the middle-class part of the society.

    The actress said, “I’m White. I’m privileged. I’m middle class. And I think, you know, one can be accused of having a bit of a White savior complex. But to be perfectly honest, my interaction with refugees in the film — in the field.” 

    Furthermore, the actress was talking about the global refugee crisis and the importance of giving displaced people a voice. “When I look back at films that were made during the Second World War, even if the films didn’t — the narratives didn’t — directly deal with it, it was understood that a global crisis was going on,” she said.

    Cate talked about the displacement of millions of people and also talked about how, historically, the film has referenced the geopolitical climate. She continued, “It was just a texture behind the films that were being made. And given that this is a global challenge, a global crisis, I’m always bewildered as to why more films don’t speak directly or obliquely to this“.

    People had mixed reactions to the “middle class” statement made by her.

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    A Storm Followed The Statement Of Millions Of Dollars Worth Cate

    Cate Blanchett
    Cate Blanchett

    People took to X (Twitter) to share their views on this statement made by the actress. They all felt that the statement was completely false and she was trying to fit in to gain support. Cate Blanchett has a net worth of $95 million with millions of earnings every year.

    People pointed out real-life issues that middle-class people face. Cate has a net worth of $95 million, she doesn’t even fall in the category.

    The statement itself feels ironic. Cate and her husband have a robust real estate portfolio with a number of properties in both Australia and America.

    Blanchett’s views were overshadowed by her attempt at showing herself as middle class, but it was all a lost cause.

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