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    “I Left Him In The Dust”: Emily Blunt Reveals Cillian Murphy’s Nervousness About Riding A Horse In ‘Oppenheimer’

    Oppenheimer‘ swept the floor of the Golden Globes 2024, snagging awards for various categories including Drama Motion Pictures, Best Director – Motion Picture, and Best Original Score – Motion Picture. A year after the release of Christopher Nolan’s film the cinephiles are still not over its cinematic impact. 

    Nolan aced at replicating the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer and following his journey of creating the atomic bomb during World War II. Cillian Murphy nailed the role of the scientist while Emily Blunt portrayed Kitty, his wife. She recently revealed an anecdote from the film’s set.

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    Cillian Murphy Was Nervous During The Horse Riding Scene In ‘Oppenheimer’

    Cillian Murphy was nervous to ride horse
    Cillian Murphy was nervous about riding a horse

    During a recent episode of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’, Emily Blunt spoke about the scene wherein Oppenheimer and his wife Kitty ride horses together in the desert. Recalling the scene, Blunt revealed she had plenty of experience riding horses because of her previous TV show, ‘The English’. However, Cillian Murphy was nervous about riding the horse, and since Blunt was all game for the scene, Murphy had no way out and had to conquer his nervousness for the scene. 

    ‘The Devil Wear Prada’ star said that Christopher Nolan got all excited about shooting this scene saying, “So then he goes, I’ve got the camera car. Do you want to do a gallop across the plains? And I heard Cillian go, ‘Um. Ooh. Uh, And then I was really game for it so Cillian had no option, and I just left him in the dust. He was a little bit nervous, yeah.” Blunt said that Murphy was given a calmer horse for the scene, while she rode a more energetic horse.

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    Emily Blunt Gifted Christopher Nolan A Pair Of Uggs

    Emily Blunt gifted Christopher Nolan a pair of Uggs
    Emily Blunt gifted Christopher Nolan a pair of Uggs

    During her appearance on the talk show, Emily Blunt also told the host that she bought Christopher Nolan a pair of Ugg boots only because he disliked them. The director channeled his inner Miranda Priestly when Blunt wore those boots on set and asked her to take them off. ‘The Pain Hustlers’ star said, “He has such an issue with Ugg boots. It’s a serious problem. And I walked in wearing them one day, and it was like The Devil Wears Prada. He literally was like… just stared at them. I was like, ‘Chris, come on.’ He goes, ‘Take those off.”

    To get back at the director, Blunt gifted him a pair of Ugg boots. She said, “He hates them, so I gifted him some.” Nolan is known to run a tight ship around the sets of his films. Cillian Murphy once revealed that Nolan is not sympathetic to bathroom breaks as well. Be it tightly wound or well-organized, Christopher Nolan is one of the best things that has happened to Hollywood.

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